Is Homeworking Right for You?


  • being provided with as many enquiries as you like
  • researching holidays that you enjoy booking
  • working when you want, from where you want
  • building up business from your local contacts and customers
  • earning a proper reward for the sales you make

Just imagine all of this, together with the support of a friendly Head Office Team that does all your after sales administration for you instead of firing off new edicts and policies every 5 minutes!

What you are imagining is the reality of Travel Homeworking with Holidaysplease!

Most people who become Travel Homeworkers do so because they have reached their potential working on the High Street or in a Call-Centre.

They want to take control of their working lives and build something lasting for themselves.

However, let us be absolutely clear here…..

Homeworking is NOT an easy option, and it is NOT for everyone!

A successful Homeworker in Travel needs to be :-

  • Extremely self-motivated and disciplined
  • Mentally prepared to rely on their own skills to earn a living
  • A confident and resourceful sales person
  • Committed and able to work consistently hard
  • An infectious character with a can do attitude

If you have these qualities and possess the desire to be the master of your own destiny, then our experience tells us that you have all the attributes needed to build a thriving Homeworking Travel Business for yourself.

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