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Going the extra mile for the customer,,,

What does that mean? Making a note of the wedding date to send a congratulations card to the honeymoon couple you’ve just booked…? Throwing in a complimentary lounge pass or room upgrade..? All lovely gestures but some of our agents have gone far beyond and the stories are warm enough to melt our winter hearts… here are a couple of ours:

Ally Streeter, Holidaysplease agent:

I’d been having sleepless nights worried about my lovely ladies. I arranged assistance at Heathrow and there was no one to help with their luggage.

I still can’t believe they are 88 and 90 years young.

We were concerned with the lengthy queues for check in, that they couldn’t stand for long period of time.

They had a taxi booked which couldn’t assist, so I suggested I’ll collect them, take them to Heathrow. The plan for me, to stand in the queue with their luggage, my wonderful friend Donna would sit with them and I would phone Donna when I was near the front of the queue.

We didn’t need this plan! Walked into Terminal 3. No queue!! I spoke to a man from BA, he showed us to a check in agent. I put the luggage on the belt. Escorted my ladies to the assistance lounge.

They text to say they were through security, having some lunch.

Thanks Beverley at Riviera Travel for your support.

Unfortunately, from time to time there is a death out on resort and this happened to a customer in Mauritius. Our agent Sarah Lake, actually lives out there so ended up staying with the widow and holding her hand through the next few days, she arranged for the deceased to be flown back and gave the widow the space and peace of mind to grieve her ordeal without the additional worry the circumstances brought.

Jo Shayler, one of our agents was on the brink of flying to Belfast personally to get a customer’s passport for them (luckily wasn’t necessary in the end but she was ready and willing!)

Alex King: My clients husband was diagnosed with MND during covid which came as a huge shock to the family. She called me and asked to help her arrange a last minute trip to Los Angeles for 1 month for some treatment that is not available in the UK. She was looking to fly during lockdown and against all travel advise. I believe at the time it was also a 2 week quarantine period in Los Angeles which would not have worked for them. I assisted in helping with the documents that she needed to take to the US embassy, to be granted special permissions to enter the US without quarantine. We got the permissions back 24h before they were due to travel! So then they needed their negative PCR tests and then they were good to go. I managed to get them both over to LA without any issues (and back to the UK), and they spent a month there so he could get the help that he needed. 

It was a tough one! 


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