Are our homeworkers earning money now?

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It is a question asked with trepidation when we are having conversations with travel people, as an industry we’ve been burnt so the ‘approach with caution’ attitude, nobody can be blamed for.

I want to therefore put it out there, the answer to this question and to put some figures behind it.

The answer simply is – yes, more than ever.  In August 2022, our top earner pocketed nearly £15,000- in one month. This is a salary of dreams, and probably more than your Director earns!

If we calculated the average Aug payout the results are earnings of £2200 pp which is certainly putting on smile on faces all round, especially as that’s August, generally one of the quietest months of the year!

We have found that in these post pandemic times right now, it is the time to be in travel! The travel agent is once again being valued as the general public who thought ‘anyone can be a travel agent’ has thought again when trying to sort out their cancelled trips or jump through hoops to get anywhere. A travel agents knowledge, experience and connections are once again of high value and we are capitalizing on that not only in gaining clients, but also on their spend, as the average holiday value has also increased to around £7000 a booking!

Some are rejecting the idea of a ‘commission only’ role at the moment due to the cost of living crisis, but in actual fact there isn’t a better way to keep up with the ‘cost of living’. As our commission earnings are based on a percentage, earnings will always increase as the cost of things increase, in a way that salaries are unlikely to keep up with. The flip side is that there is a degree of risk of course, but the way sales are going at the moment the benefits are hugely outweighing the risks.

Running your own travel business from home is hard work, it requires dedication, passion and commitment, but it is also so much fun, so rewarding and the sky really isn’t even the limit. 

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