Diamonds in the rough!

Finding good news stories in travel right now is harder than finding a lost diamond in the Sahara, but every now and then a little gem shines through to give us strength and remind us that there is so much future in the travel industry.

Here’s one to share with you, this is how Holidaysplease Homeworker Debbie’s week started:

‘’If I hadn’t been grey before then I certainly would be now!
My annual group booking is always very stressful – but last year’s booking is now about to be changed for the 7th time!!! – The budget which did cover 6 nights AI at JA Beach Club in Dubai will now only get us 7 nights in Turkey – but I spoke to the client this morning and he is hoping to be able to confirm it in the morning – which is great because I was beginning to start panicking about losing £13,000 commission if he cancelled!! – but on his group WhatsApp page he has just written:

May I also take this moment to thank our super resilient travel agent Debbie who has spent months trying to sort out our trip amongst picking the bones up in her industry which has been affected the most by this terrible pandemic. I feel so obliged to get this over the line after the crazy hard work she has put in – thank you Debbie & Catherine who have worked tirelessly through endless bad news.

I will certainly sleep easier tonight! And so pleased he has appreciated all the work.”

Well done Debbie.

What we know will come out of these trying time is such loyalty. The situations people have found themselves in during the pandemic have served to remind them of the value of a good travel agent, our time is coming, and we are nearly there!



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