Making the Change to Travel Homeworking

Making the decision to alter direction and change career can be daunting! Especially for anyone considering Homeworking in Travel.

That comfort zone is just so…..comfortable!

But, just imagine if all the many thousands of happy travel homeworkers had decided not to make a change!

They could have taken the safe option….I bet they are glad they didn’t though!

10 years ago I could have carried on with my 2  retail travel shops rather than take a massive gamble teaming up with Just Say Please to create Holidaysplease.

It was not an easy decision to make, it was risky! We were kind of breaking the rules at the time by focusing all our attention on promoting Long Haul Holidays via the internet. Most people back then were focused on selling flight or hotel only, or cheap lates. You could say we were pioneers!

As things turned out it was the right move to make. Holidaysplease is now a highly respected award winning travel business with a Homeworking sales team of 50 odd people.

The whole mindset of change and seizing the moment is showcased brilliantly in this “Make it Count” video. Hope you like it…..

p.s. The video is NOT just about pretty girls on a beach!