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Diamonds in the rough!

Finding good news stories in travel right now is harder than finding a lost diamond in the Sahara, but every now and then a little gem shines through to give us strength and remind us that there is so much future in the travel industry.

Here’s one to share with you, this is how Holidaysplease Homeworker Debbie’s week started:

‘’If I hadn’t been grey before then I certainly would be now!
My annual group booking is always very stressful – but last year’s booking is now about to be changed for the 7th time!!! – The budget which did cover 6 nights AI at JA Beach Club in Dubai will now only get us 7 nights in Turkey – but I spoke to the client this morning and he is hoping to be able to confirm it in the morning – which is great because I was beginning to start panicking about losing £13,000 commission if he cancelled!! – but on his group WhatsApp page he has just written:

May I also take this moment to thank our super resilient travel agent Debbie who has spent months trying to sort out our trip amongst picking the bones up in her industry which has been affected the most by this terrible pandemic. I feel so obliged to get this over the line after the crazy hard work she has put in – thank you Debbie & Catherine who have worked tirelessly through endless bad news.

I will certainly sleep easier tonight! And so pleased he has appreciated all the work.”

Well done Debbie.

What we know will come out of these trying time is such loyalty. The situations people have found themselves in during the pandemic have served to remind them of the value of a good travel agent, our time is coming, and we are nearly there!



Enquire about joining our fab team and creating your gem of a story by emailing Cat or Gemma:

cat.reeves@holidaysplease.com; gemma.mcleod@holidaysplease.com

Travel Homeworking Guide

As one of the most established and consistently successful Travel Homeworking companies, at Holidaysplease we were delighted to feature widely in the recent Travel Weekly Homeworking Guide.

The Travel Homeworking Guide gave us the opportunity to highlight some of the key areas that we stand out in the travel homeworking marketplace, and our key USP’s such as free leads, power-packed tech and no obligatory monthly fees. Click on “Why Work With Us” to the right and read more.

Also included in the guide was the story of Keeley and Linda who, in their words, “Started at the strangest of times during the Covid crisis – but now we’re nicknamed the dynamic duo!”

Having been made redundant after a combined 50 years service with TUI, Keeley and Linda acted on the recommendation of an existing Holidaysplease Homeworker to come on board and join our very first Virtual Induction in April 2020.

As they had worked together as a pair for many years, Keeley and Linda wanted to continue to work as a partnership which we were able to facilitate. Their can do attitude and fun personalities soon earned them their “Dynamic Duo” nickname from the Holidaysplease Sales Team Leaders.

“We soon fitted into the Holidaysplease family after being made so welcome” they said in the Travel Weekly Homeworking Guide.

“Holidaysplease made our training fun, and head office communicates every day with news, offers and client incentives.”

“It is a wonderful experience and we should have done it sooner.”

And judging by the success they have achieved already despite these strangest of times, we agree, they should have done it sooner!

We’ve had other travel professionals join us through the crisis who have also enjoyed some great initial success including Kevin who returned to the HP family after a few years working with a Tour Operator and is well on track to achieve £100k in sales in his first three months back with us, and experienced homeworker Debbie who joined after redundancy from the company she had been working with whose commission earnings from sales hit four figures in her first week or so after training!

Of course the market is not normal now, and achieving success is even harder work than it ever was. But as Keeley, Linda, Kevin and Debbie have shown, the opportunity is there for anyone willing to go for it with energy, belief and determination!

Our recruitment team are always happy to help people find out more about Travel Homeworking with us at Holidaysplease.

 gemma.mcleod@holidaysplease.com or give us a call on 0121 200 5750.


Travel Homeworking : 10 Reasons Why Holidaysplease

Travel Homeworking is a position sought-after by many people for various reasons such as flexibility, working for yourself and work-life balance. While many travel homeworking companies offer these benefits, here at Holidaysplease we offer much more. Here are the 10 reasons you should choose Holidaysplease if you are considering travel homeworking:

1. Our Focus on Upmarket and Long Haul Holidays 

By focusing on long haul luxury destinations, you get to sell high-quality holidays to customers who appreciate good service. We generate a good number high value enquiries such as honeymoons, touring, groups and multi-centre holidays. Our average booking value is £4600.

2. Free Leads Generated via our Award Winning Website Holidaysplease 

That’s right. Unlike other companies, where they expect you to bring your own clients, we offer you leads free of charge. You will be given access to as many high-spending customers as you can handle, without having to pay for any marketing yourself.

3. The power-packed technology we have developed to help Holidaysplease

Our team of in-house software engineers have developed a tailored system that makes the entire booking process a lot easier, from finding suppliers to managing the customers data. We even have an internal forum where you can ask fellow homeworkers for support.

4. No Set Hours so Complete Flexibility for You

The beauty of this role is that you can schedule your work around your other commitments, as long as you stay on top of your workload and you are available for your customers. Imagine earning uncapped commission while also being able to do the school runs!

5. Excellent Head Office and Admin Support from the Birmingham Office Team

 We offer excellent training and induction, but we don’t stop there. To ensure your job runs as smoothly as possible, we’ll share the key secrets and strategies used by our most successful team members, discuss sales techniques and marketing opportunities. Moreover, you’ll never have to get frustrated with the level of administration, as our dedicated admin support team will do the work for you!

6. A Genuine Commitment to Delivering Outstanding Customer Service

 We currently have a score of 9.9/10 on Trustpilot, based on over 3100 reviews. Our ethos is offering our customers the best service possible. We don’t just book hotels and flights, we aim to meet all our customers’ expectations by checking every detail of their journeys and ensure they get a tailored, once-in-a-lifetime holiday experience. That’s what makes Holidaysplease stand out from the rest of the homeworking travel agencies.

 7. Our 17 Year Track Record of Proven Travel Homeworking Success

 If you decide to join Holidaysplease, you can rest assured you will be in good hands. The directors, management and head office staff are dedicated to your success. With a vast amount of experience between our head office staff and a proven home-working model, you have nothing to worry about and can focus on converting your leads.

8. Multi-Award Winning Company

 Holidaysplease is a fast growing, innovative company, that has won over 30 industry awards in the last 13 years. A few of our most recent awards include Travel Homeworking Agency of the Year 2018/19 and Top Online Agency at the TTG Top 50 awards in 2017/18 and 2019/20.

9. Year-Round Enquiries, Not just in the Key Months

 While things slow down in the Autumn and Winter time in general for the travel industry, this is not the case at Holidaysplease. We’re busy year round! Our marketing team ensure our enquiry pool is always full and diverse and our targeted advertising means only people who are genuinely interested in a holiday will place an enquiry.

10. Uncapped Commission

 Your earning potential as a Holidaysplease Homeworker is 100% uncapped meaning many of our team regularly achieve an income far in excess what they have previously been able to working in a High Street Travel Agency or Travel Call-Centre. Generally, home-working opportunities reward homeworkers with 20-60% of the net commission that is earned on every booking made.

Get in touch and discover more about all the reasons why a Travel Homeworking job with Holidaysplease could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Call us on 0121 200 5720, we are ready to chat when you are. 

Travel Homeworking Customers

One of the most common concerns for people considering becoming a travel homeworker is where they will find their travel homeworking customers.

The odd person will have a bank of customers already established, however the vast majority of travel agents leaving the high street or a call centre to become a travel homeworker do not. They’ll have a few family members and friends that will book with them, but that’s usually as far as it goes.

So how do you build a super successful travel homeworking business when you have no customers?

Well the first thing you should do is partner up with a travel homeworking company that has a proven track record in producing leads.

And secondly, you need to look very carefully into how that travel homeworking company manages the relationship between customers and their homeworkers.

It is all very well having a lead and selling a holiday once. The thing is that to build a sustainable and rewarding travel homeworking business it is imperative to build a loyal base of repeat customers. With some homeworking models this is very hard to achieve as repeat customers are not directed back to the agent that they previously booked with. And often new customers who are close to booking but need a short time before making a final decision, never find their way back to the original homeworker who has done all the ground work when calling back to book.

The way we work at Holidaysplease is completely different! Our ethos is all about building the relationship between the customer and their homeworker from the start and then repeatedly.

From the moment a Holidaysplease Homeworker claims a lead, they “own” the customer. This means that whether the customer books on each occasion they enquire or not, the Holidaysplease CRM system is programmed so that the customer will always be in the ownership of that homeworker, and therefore directed back to that homeworker every time the customer gets in touch.

What’s more, at Holidaysplease we have a unique customer rewards programme designed specifically to encourage customers to make repeat booking with their Holidaysplease Homeworker. The rewards scheme now has over 14,000 customers signed up to it.

So with Holidaysplease, travel homeworking customers come from leads that we generate via our central marketing campaigns which then become repeat customers for the individual homeworker who “owns” that customer. Leads and repeats are the first two pillars when building your travel homeworking customer base.

Your third and final pillar comes from referrals. Here again the Holidaysplease CRM is a powerful tool working automatically on behalf of each homeworker by encouraging customers to refer family and friends to their personal Holidaysplease Homeworker and sending a nice thank-you gift to the referrer when a new customer they refer books.

Every new business has to have prospects. Turn those prospects into buying customers, and then turn those customers into repeat buyers. In simple terms, that is how every sustainable business is built.

At Holidaysplease we truly understand this, and that understanding is underpinned throughout the ethos and culture of how we work with our customers and travel homeworkers.

Many top performing Holidaysplease Homeworkers have built fantastic and consistently rewarding businesses which all started with travel homeworking customers generated for them by the Holidaysplease Marketing Team.

Get in touch today and let us explain how you could do exactly the same!

Travel Homeworking Seasonal Rewards

In travel homeworking seasonal rewards are key. You need opportunities year round to make sales and earn money, and cannot afford any quiet times.

Travel agents working in retail stores often worry about slow sales in November and December every year.

As the streets and shopping centres fill up with people looking to prepare for the festive season, high street travel stores become somewhat empty and quiet, and agents suffer from low bookings.

With Holidaysplease you don’t need to worry!

Our experienced marketing team take the responsibility to generate enquiries for you all year long, so when the high street stores are quiet Holidaysplease Homeworkers remain busy working away and making sales right through November and December.

Once Christmas is behind us, peaks kick in and we enter what is traditionally the busiest time of year in travel.

Being a homeworker can be extremely rewarding throughout the year, especially so during January.

Everyone selling holidays through peaks will be working long hours, the trouble is that those working on the high street get very little reward for the extra work they put in.

Whereas working for yourself as a Holidaysplease Homeworker means that you get the commission you deserve!

Yes, as a homeworker you will probably still work long hours throughout January, but it all becomes worth it when you are able to buy yourself something nice for all the commission you will earn. Maybe a new car? Maybe splash out on a nice family holiday next year?

The OPPORTUNITY is here, you just need to GRAB IT and make it your own!

Travel Homeworking Decision

Don’t worry, it is only natural to um and ah when making a Travel Homeworking decision.

Everyone does, and should. It is important to think things through carefully to be as sure as you can that the travel homeworking decision you make is the right one.

Some people need and take time to decide that joining the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team is the right move for them, others are sure and wanting to move forward quickly.

We always ask prospective Holidaysplease Homeworkers to be sure that coming on board is the right thing for them because we know that having certainty about the travel homeworking decision being made is vital to long term success.

Of the many things we have discovered building our award winning homeworking team over the last 14 years is that Travel Homeworking is not for dreamers, it is for doers! 

You can talk about becoming a Travel Homeworker all you like, but actually it is all about getting stuck in and making it happen.

As the tweet from acclaimed international author Paulo Coelho so eloquently highlights, we can all say we are going to make that decision, the power that leads to success is in the action we actually take.

Around this time last year I was writing about a new team member who had smashed all records in her first six weeks with us.

That person has just completed her first 12 months as a Holidaysplease Homeworker. From no pre-existing client base she has sold over £1.1 million of holidays and earned herself in excess of £56k in sales commission and bonus’.

What an incredible example of someone who dreamed of success and had a determination to achieve it. From day one she committed to getting to where she wanted to be.

If you have a Travel Homeworking decision to make, go at your own pace, be honest with yourself about how much you are willing to commit to build a rewarding homeworking business, and then go for it hard from day one!

Travel Homeworking On the Go

One of the biggest weapons at the disposal of every Holidaysplease Homeworker is the ability to be Travel Homeworking On the Go.

Travel Homeworking On the Go means total flexibility. Your business is portable. You will not be tied to a desk. You literally have the ability to run your business “on the go”.

Here is a classic example of Travel Homeworking on the go from one of our team members this week.

The technology we have created is not some heavy download that eats up space on your PC and ties you to one place of work. The Holidaysplease system is accessible online via any PC, laptop or tablet device.

You just log on, and away you go.

So Homeworking with Holidaysplease means you can work from home or on the go. Wherever you are you can be available for your customers when they need you. You can pick up emails, view new enquiries, update quotes, discuss bookings, do a spot of e-marketing and check out all your reports wherever you are, whenever you want to.

Convenient, flexible, easy to use. Travel Homeworking On the Go with Holidaysplease. It’s not magic, but it may well leave you feeling like a travel magician!

P.S. Later in Jo’s day working from admissions at Colchester Hospital she firmed up a lovely £9k booking to Fiji! So not only was Jo the perfect Mrs supporting her hubby through not a very nice day, she earned a good few quid at the same time!

Travel Homeworking First Month

I doubt it’s a big surprise to anyone that for most people their Travel Homeworking First Month can be challenging.

New routines. New systems. New disciplines. A Travel Homeworking first month has all of those and a whole lot more.

So when a new Holidaysplease Homeworker adds a note to her first end of month feedback report which reads like Nickola’s below, it is a great feeling!

“I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone at HP. Thanks for all the support within my first month. Everyone has been so kind and friendly. Thanks to Sue and Jayne for giving me the opportunity to work with the company with their great feedback so I was offered the position. Thanks to Sonia and Richard for offering me the position who have been so friendly and understanding within my induction week. And to the rest of staff thanks for all your support. I am looking forward to a great future working with you all.”

During her Induction with us Nickola displayed incredible and encouraging commitment which left us with a sneaky suspicion that she would meet the challenges of her early days as a Travel Homeworker with a steely determination to succeed.

Don’t ask why, it’s complicated, but every day of her three-day induction Nickola got up at 04.30am in the morning to be with us for a 09.30am start. At the end of the day she travelled home finally arriving back post 10.00pm.

And this same determination and commitment resulted in Nickola posting sales over 30% higher than we would normally expect from a new starter in their Travel Homeworking first month.

I suspect Nickola has many more successful months and years ahead on the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team.

Travel Homeworking Peak Performance

All of us working in travel get excited by January and February, and Travel Homeworkers are no different.

In Travel Homeworking the so-called peak performance months are vital to setting the tone for the year ahead.

Get off to a good start and the wind is often in your sails for months to come. Fall short of expectation, and playing catch up can be challenging.

Whilst important, January and February are not quite so critical for the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team as we keep them busy with new enquiries throughout the year.

Therefore every Holidaysplease Homeworker has the opportunity to convert a good number of enquiries into sales and make good money whatever the month.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t get excited when our team of Travel Homeworkers achieve great results through peaks!

Far from it, we love it when they hit peak performance and smash their January and February targets.

Which is why today, on the 1st day of March, I am feeling the love for every single Holidaysplease Homeworker because as a team we have smashed it in January and February.

Our record sales for each of the two months have ended 30% up on January and February 2015 which is a truly outstanding result.

And what’s more we found out this week that Holidaysplease has received two nominations in the prestigious Travel Trade Gazette awards this year. We are in the final five for Online Travel Agent of the Year as well as the final five for Homeworking Company of the Year.

What a great way to start 2016! And we have so much great stuff going on to continue to drive the whole business forward through the remainder of the year.

Am I excited? Oh yeah, I’m excited! Can’t you tell……

Travel Homeworking Work/Life Balance

For many, Travel Homeworking represents the opportunity for that dream work/life balance.

No more commute. More time with the family. Less stress and a whole load more flexibility.

Which is all true.

What is also true is that the flexibility works both ways.

Every successful Travel Homeworker will be prepared to work at some very abnormal times and service their customers in some strange circumstances to get the job done.

We recently awarded a fun “Flash Prize” to the Holidaysplease Homeworker who had recently demonstrated the kind of super-service that earns our team a 9.8 out of 10 rating on Trust Pilot.

The Winner set her alarm clock for 02.55am to get up and pre-book extra leg room seats for clients the minute they were released by the Airline. A simple touch that meant a huge amount to our customer, which is why our team member was not prepared to wait until normal hours to get the job done.

And our Runner Up confirmed a last minute honeymoon from the beach in the pouring rain, whilst trying to stop 4 children running into the sea fully clothed and having to scramble up the rocks to get a mobile signal!

Of course Travel Homeworking can mean a better work/life balance. It’s just that the balance goes both ways, and to be outstanding as a Travel Homeworker, you will need to be prepared to stand out!