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Travel Homeworking Comfort Zone

The decision that hundreds of High Street Travel Agents and Travel Call-Centre sales staff take every year to join the growing Travel Homeworking fraternity is a big one.

After all for most the decision means escaping their Comfort Zone of employment and a guaranteed income, and stepping into the unknown of working from home, usually on a self-employed basis where reward only follows sales.

And of course going from high street to home means change, and change is something that us humans often find uncomfortable.

To see what I mean, cross your arms. Now uncross them. Next re-cross them in the opposite way to how you usually do. Feels uncomfortable doesn’t it! That’s change for you….

So you could forgive people who reject change and embrace their Comfort Zone. However it is when you escape your Comfort Zone that the magic happens!

Comfort Zone

For Travel Homeworkers it is where they start earning a reward that finally starts to match the work they put in to each sale. Not a £1-5 per passenger bonus. A Holidaysplease Homeworker will expect to earn well over a £100 from every sale they make!

It is where the balance of a busy work and family life can be found. And it is where self-motivated travel professionals with a desire to build a business of their own can do exactly that.

That’s the Magic Zone. So much more fun than the Comfort Zone!

Travel Homeworking Confidence

Being a super successful Travel Homeworker means doing a lot of things right!

And yet sometimes, even the best Travel Homeworkers hit challenging times. Despite the fact that they are working hard, the results just don’t seem to feed through.

For Holidaysplease Homeworkers this is when the team ethos of our business really kicks in and comes to the fore!

We know that our success is inextricably linked to the success of our Homeworkers so we work super hard to help them hit their targets, and when the chips are down we are right there for them.

One of the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team recently visited HP Towers to spend a day working with Sonia and Sue (aka The SAS!) who manage and support the team on a day to do basis.

The Homeworker in question has been with us for three years and has built a good Travel Homeworking Business.

However, for a couple of months her results have not been as she would expect and she wanted to work with us to find out “What I am doing wrong?”

The SAS identified a couple of things, but it was only when Sonia and I sat down with our team member for a coffee and a proper heart to heart that the real issue emerged.

Confidence. Her Travel Homeworking Confidence had gone AWOL!

Despite all the success she had previously enjoyed Travel Homeworking, our team member had suffered a couple of recent setbacks which had really knocked her back.

We talked through a few things during the meeting, and Sonia worked with our Homeworker in the days after to build her confidence back up to where it should be.

The result….

In the three weeks since our Homeworker came up to see us she has earned over £4,000 in commission from new sales!

That is quite a turn around in anyone’s books!

And her confidence? It’s sky high right now!!

Travel Homeworking : 7 Reasons Why Holidaysplease

There are all kinds of reasons that motivate people to consider Travel Homeworking.

Flexibility, work-life balance, building something for myself are all factors that I hear consistently when talking with prospective Travel Homeworkers.

Most of the Travel Homeworking company’s offer platforms that provide Travel Homeworkers with the chance to achieve all of the above.

At Holidaysplease there are a number of further key factors that add up to form a proposition that when considered lead people to choose Homeworking with Holidaysplease over others.

  1. Our focus on upmarket and long haul holidays.
  2. Free leads generated via our award winning website www.holidaysplease.co.uk.
  3. The power-packed technology we have developed to help Holidaysplease Homeworkers sell and market to their customers.
  4. No inconvenient rota’s so complete flexibility for you.
  5. Superb support from the Directors of the business and all the team at Holidaysplease House!
  6.  The genuine commitment we have to delivering outstanding customer service.
  7. A 12 year track record of proven Travel Homeworking success!

And of course, your earning potential as a Holidaysplease Homeworker is 100% uncapped meaning many of our team regularly achieve an income far in excess what they have previously been able to working in a High Street Travel Agency or Travel Call-Centre.

Get in touch and discover more about all the reasons why a Travel Homeworking job with Holidaysplease could be the perfect opportunity for you!

Travel Homeworking : The Doctor v The Dalek

As a Travel Homeworker it is imperative to always be making the most of your time.

One of the key reasons behind the success of the Holidaysplease Travel Homeworking Team over the last 10 years has been our use of technology to enable our Homeworkers to work smarter and achieve more!

Over the last six months we have introduced a raft of new tools designed to help our team showcase suggestions to customers whilst on the phone with them, and then work faster when checking availability and prices with appropriate suppliers.

All these tools are built into our Homeworkers Intranet and every action taken is automatically recorded in the relevant customer notes.

Comparing the time it would take for a travel agent working on an average Holidaysplease long haul holiday to process the enquiry through to a sale without our technology, with the time it will now take a Holidaysplease Homeworker using the tools was very interesting.

So interesting in fact that my Co-Director Charles and myself decided that we should highlight the time this new technology would be saving for our team during a session at our recent Homeworkers Day.

Unfortunately this plan resulted in me dressing up as a Dalek as the Holidaysplease Travel Time Lord (Charles always seems to bag the glamour roles), took on the Travel Trade Dalek to see who could work faster and achieve more!

The Doctor and The Dalek in action

And guess what….. The Holidaysplease Travel Time Lord was victorious! By using the tools now being used on a daily basis by Holidaysplease Homeworkers, The Time Lord was three times more efficient than the Travel Trade Dalek.

So, in the time it takes for the Travel Trade Dalek to do a booking, the Holidaysplease Travel Time Lord has made three!

Same investment in time…. Three times more sales achieved. That’s quite a result wouldn’t you agree!