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The real meaning of Travel Homeworking support

Support is a word often seen on Travel Homeworking recruitment adverts or heard in conversations between travel homeworking companies and prospective homeworkers.

As support is usually important to people considering homeworking as a future option, companies are happy to give it a mention.

What every prospective travel homeworker must do is explore below the surface of that mention to establish exactly what this support actually looks like. Because the fact of the matter is that the real meaning of Travel Homeworking support can vary greatly from one travel homeworking company to the next.

Real support often lies below the surface.

At Holidaysplease we value our customer service above anything else, and from the word go have applied this same mentality to how we work with and support our multi-award winning team of homeworkers.

Rather than recruit numbers to satisfy our vanity, we have always recruited based on productivity.

We don’t want loads of people doing very little, we prefer a smaller more productive team! So, we are totally committed to the success of each and every person that we invite to become a Holidaysplease Homeworker.

Which means pro-active support. It means regular calls from our Head Office team leaders, often daily calls through the all-important early months.

It means kicking off every month with a one to one business building call with one of our leaders to review the month just gone and set the agenda for the month ahead.

It means weekly video conference calls with the team broken down into small groups, plus weekly product and training webinars with suppliers.

It means team leaders and Directors visiting homeworkers to stay in touch. A few weeks after every induction one of our Senior Leaders will spend a day working with every new homeworker in their home as part of our onboarding process.

It means homeworkers spending time with us at HQ to refresh existing skills and develop new ones.

It means that any homeworker can speak with any of the Directors about their business at any time.

It means head office resource is in place to support any homeworker who is on holiday. We are often booking holidays for customers whose personal homeworker is on holiday, and by the way that homeworker still receives their full commission on that booking!

It means a sales team leader being available 7 days a week until 10pm at night to assist homeworkers with any issues or provide help and advice to bag a booking.

It means a unique intranet chat room where homeworkers share tips and news and support each other with product knowledge to secure sales.

And of course it means all the marketing, tech and admin support from a team of 30 head office staff with a genuine desire to be of service.

It really is no accident that the average productivity per homeworker at Holidaysplease is up there with the very best in the business.

Holidaysplease Homeworkers are never recruited and then left to bumble along on their own. We maintain a high ratio of team leaders to homeworkers to ensure that we deliver the support we talk about.

When you talk support with us at Holidaysplease, be ready for a long conversation!

We are ready to chat when you are : 0121 200 5720.

Travel Homeworking What is Possible?

Often, the key to building a successful Travel Homeworking business is to ask yourself “What is possible?”

Travel Homeworkers can apply this question to their short term and long term goals. What is possible for me to achieve today, this week or this month? What is possible for me to earn this year?

Once what is possible has been identified and accepted by a Travel Homeworker, the evidence we have at Holidaysplease from the 12 years of building our team is that anything is possible in Travel Homeworking!

Take the story of Laura who has been a Holidaysplease Homeworker for 18 months or so. This time last year at our Holidaysplease Conference Laura set herself the goal to achieve “Silver Status” from sales achieved over the next 12 months.

After a year that has seen the usual success and challenges of Travel Homeworking, Laura knew that she needed a really strong August to achieve her goal.

She would need to have her best month ever. In the middle of School Holidays. And Laura has 4 kids.

With all this in mind, was it still possible for her to hit her “Silver Status” goal? Laura thought it was, and she committed herself 110% to doing exactly that!

10 days into August  and she was 13% of the way  to her sales target. 20 days in and she was just 25% of the way. Work to do! Did Laura give up? No way. Until her goal was impossible, it remained possible!

Momentum built. With the Bank Holiday weekend to go Laura needed £40k in sales. A tall order which required all of her focus, belief and determination….right up until 6pm on the evening of Bank Holiday Monday, the last day of the month, when Laura bagged the sale that secured her “Silver Status” for this year’s Holidaysplease Homeworkers Conference. Wow!

For Laura to hit her goal for the year meant a good deal personally. Her record August meant a huge amount to her family finances!

The £6k she’d earned in one month was more than she used to earn in a year working 16 hours a week on the high street for one of the large Travel Agent chains.  

In Travel Homeworking what is possible? Anything of course……..

Travel Homeworking : Conference Update

This time last week we were frantically putting together the final touches for the Annual Holidaysplease Travel Homeworking Conference.

I’m delighted to say that we the conference day and awards night were a roaring success enjoyed by our team of Travel Homeworkers and Suppliers alike.

Now all we need to do is start thinking about the 2015 Holidaysplease Homeworkers Conference!

In the meantime, these pictures will give you a flavour of this years Travel Homeworking Conference….

Welcome to the Holidaysplease Conference

And we're off!

The dynamic duo!

An attentive audience

We're all ears

Learning at the Supplier Market

Lots of Awards!

Happy Award Winners

This Years Top Award Winners