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Travel Homeworking Agent of the Year

At Holidaysplease we have a fantastic group of travel homeworkers, and the amazing news is that we now have the TTG Travel Homeworking Agent of the Year for 2018/19, Andrea White.

Andrea joined the Holidaysplease Team around 6 years ago and has grown into one of our most consistent high performers.

With four kids to look after Andrea has an incredibly busy family life and in recent times has come through some extremely tough personal challenges.

As well as continuing to grow her own business she has also found time to help two new Holidaysplease Homeworkers local to her through their tough first 12-18 months.

Andrea’s spirit, energy, determination and positive outlook are an inspiration. We are very proud to have her on the Holidaysplease Team and delighted for her to receive the recognition of her travel industry peers by winning the award as TTG Travel Homeworking Agent of the Year.

Well done Andrea!



Travel Homeworking Systems

The travel homeworking systems that the Holidaysplease tech team build are integral to the success of our travel homeworkers, and just yesterday the Holidaysplease Homeworkers Intranet was being enthusiastically viewed by a prospective team member.

Meeting with potential travel homeworkers to learn more about their ambitions and showcase all that we have to offer at Holidaysplease is always fun.

During these meetings our Recruitment Manager Gemma runs through the key aspects of our Homeworkers Intranet system. Whilst she can’t cover every nook and cranny in the time we have, the overview provided offers a good insight and prospective team members get a real feel for how we work at Holidaysplease.

People viewing our system for the first time are pretty much always impressed, and yesterday was no exception. What was different was that the person Gemma and I were meeting has a tech background as well as great experience in travel sales.

The person has used plenty of systems in their time. Helped to develop systems, and been involved in project management for one of the leading travel tech companies.

In short, this is someone who knows what a travel homeworker needs system wise to manage their enquiries efficiently, work their client base effectively, and have all the tools they need at their disposal to achieve the absolute most they can from their business.

When someone who has used and seen a myriad of travel systems in their time tells you that yours is the most intuitive and smartly designed they have ever seen, you know you have got it right.

The Holidaysplease tech team have incredible brain power 😉

The travel homeworking systems that we have at Holidaysplease are specifically designed with the user in mind by an inhouse tech team that it is in tune with what our Homeworkers need.

Of course systems don’t guarantee success, but they do sure as heck make it easier to come by.

Travel Homeworking Growing Support

From the moment we took on our first Holidaysplease Homeworkers we have been committed to providing our team with the very best Travel Homeworking Support in the business.

Our whole way of working revolves around helping each and every one of our Travel Homeworkers hit their targets month in month out and build fantastic Homeworking businesses for themselves.

As we continue to grow so our Travel Homeworking Support must grow. Our double-act of Director Sonia and Sales Team Manager Sue has this week become three with the addition of Michelle as Assistant Sales Team Manager.

Michelle on her first day of Travel Homeworking Support.

Together, Sonia, Sue and Michelle have worked in travel for over 90 years! They have wealth of travel experience, knowledge and resourcefulness to share with you and each has a deep understanding of exactly what it takes to succeed as a Travel Homeworker.

At Holidaysplease we recognise the value in Travel Homeworking Support and we invest in it to be sure that our support is always best in class.

Travel Homeworking Partnership

The success of most Travel Homeworkers starts when they choose the right Travel Homeworking Partnership.

Make the wrong decision and choose the wrong Travel Homeworking Partnership and even the most experienced, resourceful and determined Travel Homeworker will find building their Travel Homeworking business a tough ask.

There are lots of reasons behind the ongoing success of the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team. The leads we generate for our team, the support we offer, and the types of holidays we sell. They are all key.

However, without doubt, everything starts with the care and attention we take to recruit people as Holidaysplease Homeworkers who we truly believe will prosper in our Travel Homeworking Partnership.

And a big part of that partnership is creating a feeling of togetherness. We do that in all kinds of ways, including buying a luxury apartment in Southern Spain!

Spanish Apartment

Not only is the apartment available for our team to use, customers also get the chance stay in the apartment by redeeming Holidaysplease Reward points that they accumulate as members of our Customer Rewards programme.

So add our Spanish Apartment to the long list of reasons why the Holidaysplease Travel Homeworking Partnership could well be the right one for you.

Travel Homeworking Improvement

As a Travel Homeworker constant improvement is key.

Travel Homeworking success follows consistent efforts to develop product knowledge, understand and effectively utilise new technology, and perfect sales skills.

By being better, better results follow!

We apply the same reasoning at Holidaysplease Head Office so are always looking to take the support, guidance and mentoring we provide our homeworkers to the next level.

Which is why last week Sonia and Sue took time out from their super busy schedule heading up Team Holidaysplease to invest two full days in London at Europe’s leading sales event, Sales Innovation 2016.

With over 120 masterclass sessions, 60 innovative suppliers and 80 seminars led by experts, Sonia and Sue had a whole lot of learning to pack in!

The key elements are now being shared with each of the Holidaysplease Homeworkers to be applied to improve their strategies for success.

At Holidaysplease we are relentless in our pursuit of progress. Whether the progress is system related, sales focused, or product based, it doesn’t matter.

Without that desire to progress, to be the best we can, to constantly evolve and improve, Holidaysplease would not have grown to be the multi-award winning business that we are today.

As a Travel Homeworker you need that same desire. Then YOU need to apply it…..

Travel Homeworking Recruitment

Be 100% assured that at Holidaysplease we take Travel Homeworking recruitment very seriously.

We want the best people on board our team delivering outstanding service to Holidaysplease customers and building fantastic Travel Homeworking businesses for themselves.

Anybody looking for a Travel Homeworking job should be very serious about the process as well. From our experience it is clear that prospective Travel Homeworkers who do not think things through carefully and do their research correctly, often make the wrong choices.

This is obviously a disaster for the Homeworking Company and the Homeworker.

So at Holidaysplease we go to great lengths to ensure that our Travel Homeworking recruitment brings in the right people for how we work.

Which most of the time it does, although not always….

We recently took on a new Homeworker who decided to leave within a few weeks of joining us. The fit wasn’t right, our way was not the Homeworkers way.

On the other hand we have plenty of spectacular successes with our Travel Homeworking recruitment!

Training at the same time as the lady who came and left, was a new team member who has smashed all records in her first 6 weeks with us.

From a standing start with no client base, this person has sold over £150,000’s worth of holidays already and earned over £7,000 in commission in a month and a half! Quite incredible!!

Travel Homeworking recruitment is not an exact science. If there is a magic formula I haven’t found it just yet. There can be extremes of success and non-success as our two experiences of the last few weeks ably demonstrate.

Which is why at Holidaysplease we are honest, straight forward, and open throughout our Travel Homeworking recruitment. By being so it is our firm belief that more often than not we will get it right and new Holidaysplease Homeworkers will go onto build super-successful Homeworking businesses.

And every now and then that success is spectacular and comes very quickly!

Travel Homeworking Research

In June 2003 Holidaysplease recruited our first travel homeworker, Ruth from Watford. She’s still with us today. That’s probably because prior to joining both Ruth and I were thorough in our Travel Homeworking Research.

12 years ago Travel Homeworking was very much in it’s infancy with just a handful of Travel Homeworking companies for prospective travel homeworkers to choose from.

Fast forward to 2015 and there are now many more companies offering Travel Homeworking jobs and opportunities. This should not be much of a surprise when you consider the incredible success that some of the homeworking companies and many individual homeworkers have achieved.

It is also good because it means anyone thinking about travel homeworking in 2015 has a choice. And having choice means it is more likely that the partnership between homeworking company and homeworker will succeed….so long as both parties have done their research thoroughly.

Unfortunately I often find that this is not the case.

The homeworking market in 2015 is busy. Companies large and small, established and new, are all vying for the attention of people considering homeworking. There is no doubt that this often leads to a less than thorough approach to recruitment, and, in extreme cases, complete misrepresentation of the deal and rewards on offer.

After all, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is….

Too Good to Be True

If you speak to a travel homeworking company that promises you the earth and is looking to rush you into joining their team, then I suggest you put the brakes on and take a step back.

At Holidaysplease we have an unflinching belief and confidence in our homeworking proposition. This is backed up of course by the many awards we have won over the last 12 years and the fact that a high proportion of our homeworkers have been with us for a number of years and consistently achieve what they aspire to from the partnership.

So when recruiting we take our time. We don’t pressure people into making a decision. We thoroughly explain how Holidaysplease Homeworkers work via telephone calls and face to face meetings. And we never make false promises. We don’t need to.

My advice to you as a prospective homeworker will always be to think carefully, ask good questions of yourself and the travel homeworking companies you talk to, and be clear in your mind what you need to succeed as a travel homeworker.

Proper research, careful thought, and clear goals generally lead to good decisions. And remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Image courtesy of http://www.farcesofnature.com/ 

Travel Homeworking Support

Every Travel Homeworking company says that they offer their Travel Homeworkers great support.

Having spoken to many people who have experienced Travel Homeworking elsewhere I know that this is often not the case!

At Holidaysplease we recognised from the outset that providing outstanding and constant Support for our Travel Homeworkers was vital to their (and of course our) success.

So not only do we Talk the Talk of Travel Homeworking Support, we Walk the Walk!

  • Just last week I enjoyed a day on the English Riviera visiting one of our Homeworkers. The 6 hours on the road were worth every minute of my time!
  • As usual over a recent Bank Holiday Weekend Sonia (who heads up the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team) was hard at it behind her desk helping homeworkers who were working and covering those that were away.
  • For the last two days we have had three Homeworkers who joined us a couple of months ago back up to Holidaysplease House for follow up training. Inviting team members up to work with Sonia and her Assistant Sue is a regular occurrence that has achieved great results.

That’s just three examples from the last week of the constant Travel Homeworking Support that Holidaysplease Homeworkers benefit from.

If you are thinking about Travel Homeworking and you recognise that having fantastic support is key to your success as a Travel Homeworker then make sure the Travel Homeworking Company you are considering walks support rather than just talks it!


Travel Homeworking : Travel Leaders

Yesterday I was a Travel Leader!

Representing the views of a Travel Homeworking Company as a guest of TTG I joined the good and the great of the travel industry in a round table debate….and a rather splendid lunch!!

Travel Homeworking is now such a major arm of the UK’s travel agent community that it deserves a seat at the top table of travel and I was happy to oblige on behalf of all the Travel Homeworkers out there.

The discussion at the TTG Leaders in Travel Forum mainly revolved around the performance of the travel market in the first two months of 2015.

TTG Leaders in TravelThe general consensus was that competition was as fierce as ever, but that the relationship between the customer and the seller would remain a significant part of every travel companies thinking.

Of course how this thinking translates is different from business to business. For Holidaysplease Homeworkers it means working towards a scenario whereby a customer books repeatedly as they trust implicitly in the job being done for them. So it’s about a personal one to one relationship.

For the big guys, particularly those looking to transact a significant portion of their business online, the relationship with customers revolves more around technology.

The good news for us at Holidaysplease is that not only do members of the Holidaysplease Travel Homeworking Team build amazing relationships with their clients, but we also provide them with fantastic technology to help manage those relationships through the sales process and then beyond.

So when Travel Homeworking with Holidaysplease you get the best of both Worlds! An ethos that respects and values the power of one to one relationships with our customers….and fantastic technology.

Which is perhaps why we are now seen as one of the best Travel Homeworking Companies in the UK travel industry and can take our rightful seat alongside the Leaders in Travel!

Now, back to the day job as one of my fellow Travel Leaders so aptly put it on Twitter this morning!!

Travel Homeworking : 2014 Vital Stat’s of Success

The Holidaysplease Travel Homeworking Team can look forward to 2015 with real confidence after another cracking year!

In 2014 many of our Travel Homeworkers had their best year ever with earnings to match!!

Every month of the year was a record one for Holidaysplease with our Travel Homeworking team consistently smashing their targets.

Here are our vital statistics for 2014 :-

Bookings UP 33%
Enquiry to Booking Conversion UP 27%
Sales UP 32%
Net Commission UP 34%

And, most importantly, Holidaysplease Homeworkers earned 37% more in commission in 2014 than they did in 2013…..and 2013 was a good year!

Success breeds success, so come and share in ours! We would love to kick off 2015 by talking to you about building a super-successful Travel Homeworking business this year.

Just click through HERE.

Speak soon!