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Travel Homeworking Growth

Whilst we continue to positively map our way through the Covid-19 crisis, the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team are finding more and more time to think about Travel Homeworking growth and the development of their businesses over the next 12-18 months.

The market of course remains challenging, and also remains full of opportunity for the Travel Homeworking community.

For example, the sales achieved by the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team in March 2021 exceeded sales from our previous record from March 2019.

Yep, that’s right, we had a record March for sales in a market where many travel companies sadly reported sales being 80-90% down on March 19.

And it is those results, which by the way are not achieved by accident but by shear grit, determination and belief, that underpin our confidence in the future and why we are planning for Travel Homeworking growth right now.

One of our last blog posts before the pandemic hit was all about how you can grow a Travel Homeworking business with us at Holidaysplease.

Give it a read here :- https://travelhomeworking.org/blog/growing-your-travel-homeworking-business-with-holidaysplease/

The choice we made as a business and as a Travel Homeworking team was not just to survive Covid-19, but to be perfectly placed to thrive once the worst of the crisis was behinds us.

The record-breaking results achieved in March by the Holidaysplease Travel Homeworkers were NOT as a result of a large increase in the numbers of homeworkers in the team. They were achieved by increased productivity per homeworker because that has, and always will be our primary goal. To achieve growth and success for the business as a direct result of the individual growth and success of our homeworkers.

With Holidaysplease quality continually trumps quantity!

To become a part of our quality team just drop en email to gemma.mcleod@holidaysplease.com or if you prefer a chat call us on 0121 200 5720.

Travel Homeworking : Travel Leaders

Yesterday I was a Travel Leader!

Representing the views of a Travel Homeworking Company as a guest of TTG I joined the good and the great of the travel industry in a round table debate….and a rather splendid lunch!!

Travel Homeworking is now such a major arm of the UK’s travel agent community that it deserves a seat at the top table of travel and I was happy to oblige on behalf of all the Travel Homeworkers out there.

The discussion at the TTG Leaders in Travel Forum mainly revolved around the performance of the travel market in the first two months of 2015.

TTG Leaders in TravelThe general consensus was that competition was as fierce as ever, but that the relationship between the customer and the seller would remain a significant part of every travel companies thinking.

Of course how this thinking translates is different from business to business. For Holidaysplease Homeworkers it means working towards a scenario whereby a customer books repeatedly as they trust implicitly in the job being done for them. So it’s about a personal one to one relationship.

For the big guys, particularly those looking to transact a significant portion of their business online, the relationship with customers revolves more around technology.

The good news for us at Holidaysplease is that not only do members of the Holidaysplease Travel Homeworking Team build amazing relationships with their clients, but we also provide them with fantastic technology to help manage those relationships through the sales process and then beyond.

So when Travel Homeworking with Holidaysplease you get the best of both Worlds! An ethos that respects and values the power of one to one relationships with our customers….and fantastic technology.

Which is perhaps why we are now seen as one of the best Travel Homeworking Companies in the UK travel industry and can take our rightful seat alongside the Leaders in Travel!

Now, back to the day job as one of my fellow Travel Leaders so aptly put it on Twitter this morning!!

Travel Homeworking : Sharing Growing Success

This morning the final new Holidaysplease Homeworkers Induction of the year kicked off.

For the next three days we will be sharing all the secrets of how to build a super-successful Travel Homeworking business in partnership with Holidaysplease.

Whilst always being careful to pick the very best travel experts to join the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team, the number of Travel Homeworkers we have has increased by 15% over the last 12 months.

What is quite interesting is that in the same period our sales have grown by 35%. In other words the overall growth we are achieving is not just being driven by increasing the number of Homeworkers on the Holidaysplease Team.

Of course, adding new Travel Homeworkers is a contributing factor to our ongoing success, but there is more at play here for sure!

So…. What’s going on?


Well, the technology that Holidaysplease Homeworkers have at their disposal to help drive sales just keeps on getting better! A number of the tools that we have created this year to help our team work smarter and stand out from the crowd are really very clever and extremely powerful!

Next, changes that we have made to our new Homeworkers Induction together with further ongoing training for existing team members has resulted in new homeworkers producing a higher level of sales quicker than had been previously seen, and existing team members regularly performing at a higher level.

And finally we have invested more Head Office resource into supporting the Holidayplease Travel Homeworking team so that they know we are here for them whenever they need us, whatever the time, whatever the day.

Put this all together and you end up with a growing business jam-packed full of productive and happy Travel Homeworkers who are earning 39% more as a team than they did last year!

At Holidaysplease we are looking forward to another cracking year in 2015. We’d love you to come and share our success. All you need to do to take your first step towards an exciting new career is HERE!

Travel Homeworking : More in a Month than a Year

One of the joys of running the Holidaysplease Travel Homeworking team is celebrating when our homeworkers achieve big personal milestones.

Having just enjoyed a record sales month which saw Holidaysplease finish 60% up against January 2013, we’ve been doing lots of celebrating recently!

One Travel Homeworker who has definitely earned a bit of a celebration is Stacey.

18 months ago Stacey joined the Holidaysplease Homeworking team. Previously she had been working with another well known Travel Homeworking company. Stacey had been doing reasonably building her business upto £100k per year, but unfortunately was not getting the support she felt she needed to progress.

Now, with Holidaysplease, Stacey is booking over that in one month!

Here’s a little picture of Stacey with the celebratory £108k  chocolates we sent her as a little way to say…. Hoorah!

Stacey with her £108k chocolate celebration

Nice one Stacey!!