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Bounce back indeed.

Last night I had the experience once so in abundance and taken for granted, yet so sorely missed for most of 18 months – a travel event!! In real life.

The drinks were flowing, miniature food was being thrust at us, and the company was just great.

Travel gossip held their ‘Bounce Back Party’ at the Happenstance in London and it was fair to say that the atmosphere was electric.







People need people, and travel people are feeling that need more so than ever. Everybody came together last night, sharing their individual experiences and stories of their tough times. It felt like half of the night was a therapy session and half was about shrugging off those stresses and dancing the night away, clinking glasses to an onward and upward path within our resilient community.



*(One of the lovely travel agents I bumped into!)



Hat’s off to Travel Gossip, the event was not for profit. The proceeds and active fundraising on the night were all to help support the ABTA lifeline charity which has raised over a million pounds for people in our industry when they have needed it most, as well provide well being support and counselling. www.abtalifeline.org.uk

Real conversations were had and it was refreshing to hear of some new beginnings after hardship, and it was a joy to offer that opportunity to anybody still in-between, or has found reason to want a change.



Holidaysplease has been lucky to have come through the pandemic with the capacity and thirst to grow, if you are looking for a new opportunity within travel, find out more by emailing cat.reeves@holidaysplease.com to receive our shiny new prospectus.

Pass the CHEESE holidaysplease

There’s a lot to be serious about at the moment in the travel industry. The situation we find ourselves in, it is serious. Livelihoods are at risk and our days are uncertain and stressful, there is no denying that. So at holidaysplease we like to try and find a little light in-between it all by just being a little bit silly from time to time.

The holidaysplease BIG CHEESE is designed to bring a bit of a smile to our faces, as well as recognise the great things that have happened through the cracks of these testing times.
The BIG CHEESE of the month comes from nominations from the homeworkers for any supplier that has been extra helpful to them over this period or has perhaps helped them secure a change smoothly so that bookings can be maintained and not cancelled! The lucky winner each month gets to receive the crown of cheese to wear with… pride? And show off to their peers across their social channels.

So pass the cheese please and smile… all together now say:  ‘’HOLIDAYSPLEASE BIG CHEESE’’

“Laughter not only adds to your life, but adds life to your years”


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Making the Change to Travel Homeworking

Making the decision to alter direction and change career can be daunting! Especially for anyone considering Homeworking in Travel.

That comfort zone is just so…..comfortable!

But, just imagine if all the many thousands of happy travel homeworkers had decided not to make a change!

They could have taken the safe option….I bet they are glad they didn’t though!

10 years ago I could have carried on with my 2  retail travel shops rather than take a massive gamble teaming up with Just Say Please to create Holidaysplease.

It was not an easy decision to make, it was risky! We were kind of breaking the rules at the time by focusing all our attention on promoting Long Haul Holidays via the internet. Most people back then were focused on selling flight or hotel only, or cheap lates. You could say we were pioneers!

As things turned out it was the right move to make. Holidaysplease is now a highly respected award winning travel business with a Homeworking sales team of 50 odd people.

The whole mindset of change and seizing the moment is showcased brilliantly in this “Make it Count” video. Hope you like it…..

p.s. The video is NOT just about pretty girls on a beach!