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Travel Homeworking On the Go

One of the biggest weapons at the disposal of every Holidaysplease Homeworker is the ability to be Travel Homeworking On the Go.

Travel Homeworking On the Go means total flexibility. Your business is portable. You will not be tied to a desk. You literally have the ability to run your business “on the go”.

Here is a classic example of Travel Homeworking on the go from one of our team members this week.

The technology we have created is not some heavy download that eats up space on your PC and ties you to one place of work. The Holidaysplease system is accessible online via any PC, laptop or tablet device.

You just log on, and away you go.

So Homeworking with Holidaysplease means you can work from home or on the go. Wherever you are you can be available for your customers when they need you. You can pick up emails, view new enquiries, update quotes, discuss bookings, do a spot of e-marketing and check out all your reports wherever you are, whenever you want to.

Convenient, flexible, easy to use. Travel Homeworking On the Go with Holidaysplease. It’s not magic, but it may well leave you feeling like a travel magician!

P.S. Later in Jo’s day working from admissions at Colchester Hospital she firmed up a lovely £9k booking to Fiji! So not only was Jo the perfect Mrs supporting her hubby through not a very nice day, she earned a good few quid at the same time!