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Travel Homeworking Customers

One of the most common concerns for people considering becoming a travel homeworker is where they will find their travel homeworking customers.

The odd person will have a bank of customers already established, however the vast majority of travel agents leaving the high street or a call centre to become a travel homeworker do not. They’ll have a few family members and friends that will book with them, but that’s usually as far as it goes.

So how do you build a super successful travel homeworking business when you have no customers?

Well the first thing you should do is partner up with a travel homeworking company that has a proven track record in producing leads.

And secondly, you need to look very carefully into how that travel homeworking company manages the relationship between customers and their homeworkers.

It is all very well having a lead and selling a holiday once. The thing is that to build a sustainable and rewarding travel homeworking business it is imperative to build a loyal base of repeat customers. With some homeworking models this is very hard to achieve as repeat customers are not directed back to the agent that they previously booked with. And often new customers who are close to booking but need a short time before making a final decision, never find their way back to the original homeworker who has done all the ground work when calling back to book.

The way we work at Holidaysplease is completely different! Our ethos is all about building the relationship between the customer and their homeworker from the start and then repeatedly.

From the moment a Holidaysplease Homeworker claims a lead, they “own” the customer. This means that whether the customer books on each occasion they enquire or not, the Holidaysplease CRM system is programmed so that the customer will always be in the ownership of that homeworker, and therefore directed back to that homeworker every time the customer gets in touch.

What’s more, at Holidaysplease we have a unique customer rewards programme designed specifically to encourage customers to make repeat booking with their Holidaysplease Homeworker. The rewards scheme now has over 14,000 customers signed up to it.

So with Holidaysplease, travel homeworking customers come from leads that we generate via our central marketing campaigns which then become repeat customers for the individual homeworker who “owns” that customer. Leads and repeats are the first two pillars when building your travel homeworking customer base.

Your third and final pillar comes from referrals. Here again the Holidaysplease CRM is a powerful tool working automatically on behalf of each homeworker by encouraging customers to refer family and friends to their personal Holidaysplease Homeworker and sending a nice thank-you gift to the referrer when a new customer they refer books.

Every new business has to have prospects. Turn those prospects into buying customers, and then turn those customers into repeat buyers. In simple terms, that is how every sustainable business is built.

At Holidaysplease we truly understand this, and that understanding is underpinned throughout the ethos and culture of how we work with our customers and travel homeworkers.

Many top performing Holidaysplease Homeworkers have built fantastic and consistently rewarding businesses which all started with travel homeworking customers generated for them by the Holidaysplease Marketing Team.

Get in touch today and let us explain how you could do exactly the same!

Travel Homeworking Personal

Despite the advance of tech, by keeping travel homeworking personal I believe that travel homeworkers have a great future ahead of them.

A recent opinion column I wrote for TTG talked about being wowed by a new robotic restaurant in Boston.

Whilst the point of the piece was to challenge travel to be more inventive and ambitious in our use of tech, there can be little doubt how much technology already has and continues to change our industry.

Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robots can all now be found in retail travel, call-centres and airports enhancing the customer experience via inspiration and improved efficiency.

Nevertheless, to suggest that the future of travel lies solely in the hands of technology is foolhardy. Travel itself is all about personal experience. From looking to booking, to travelling, returning, and sharing each moment across every social channel along the way, the whole journey is “mine”.

Which is why people will always have the opportunity to play an integral part in the booking process turning holiday dreams into reality. However, the only people that will be able to grasp and profit from that opportunity will be those that bring more to the customer than a computer can.

That means truly outstanding personal service and knowledge from the very first interaction a travel sales person has with a customer, through the sales process to pre and post departure and beyond.

If you as a prospective homeworker are not prepared or equipped to bring more to your customer than a computer…..walk away now, travel homeworking is not for you!

The success of Holidaysplease over the last 15 years has been founded on the principle of the old and the new. Old school travel agent knowledge, service and sales skills married to new technology, new ways of doing things, smarter, faster, and always customer-centric. Everything we do starts and ends with the customer in mind.

The robotic restaurant is a reality. Can I envisage a robotic travel agency built around artificial intelligence, 100% I can! It will succeed because it will be quick and cheap due to efficiency savings and of course no staff salaries.

At the same time the “human” travel agent that continues to evolve by embracing the new and enhancing the old will also thrive. And in my mind travel homeworkers are in a unique position to be the ones that fill that space.

Focus effort and energy on keeping travel homeworking personal by being innovative when building relationships and always providing more to customers than a computer can, and you may just end up with a highly successful travel homeworking business!

Travel Homeworking Opportunity

Traditionally travel is a business of peaks and troughs. With Holidaysplease, the Travel Homeworking Opportunity is a year-round one!

There are two key reasons for this :-

1) As the holidays we sell are mainly to long haul destinations with an average selling price close to £5,000 our customers tend to plan and book well ahead.

2) Via our thousands of effective online marketing campaigns generating new customers and the consistent smart marketing we do with our existing customer base, we create opportunities for the Holidaysplease Homeworkers to make sales pretty much every day, week and month of the year.

And there is the third, and perhaps most critical element. Attitude.

For every travel homeworker attitude is the real key to the door. Set high goals and believe you can achieve them and you just might do exactly that. Take the easy option and settle for second best and guess what, second is where you will end up.

So believing that we can create opportunities every day that can lead to a sale is engrained in the Holidaysplease culture and attitude.

Too many people in travel get switched on and busy for peaks or lates, then pretty much go quiet for the rest of the year believing that it is only in peaks or lates that customers want to buy. Wrong attitude!

If you are a can do travel expert hungry for a Travel Homeworking Opportunity with a partner that is switched on for 12 months of the year rather than 4, then we’d love to hear from you.

At Holidaysplease we are always switched on for sales!

Just give Agne a call or drop her a line on agne@holidaysplease.com

At Holidaysplease we don’t do peaks and troughs. We do consistent effort matched with a firm belief that our goals are there to be reached.

That’s what sets our travel homeworking opportunity and the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team apart.

Travel Homeworking Support

Every successful Travel Homeworker will be self-motivated and super determined. They will be an action taker happy to rely upon themselves rather than others to get the job done.

At the same time they will value knowing that support is there when they need it.

Which is why we continue to invest in the Travel Homeworking support we give to the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team.

Last year our twin pillars of support became three when Michelle joined. Her energy and knowledge has proved invaluable to the team over the last 9 months.

We have always strived to provide not just support, but quality support. Our Holidaysplease Sales Team Leaders do not wait for our team to need them, they are pro-actively in touch with the team on a regular basis.

The leaders help with day to day issues, as well as addressing big picture challenges, and helping the Holidaysplease Homeworkers develop and grow their businesses.

To do this well, our Leaders need to constantly evolve and develop new skills of their own. Which is why our three Sales Team Leaders plus Natalie, our Head Office Team Leader, are currently in the middle of a 15-month Leadership Developing training programme developed by Reality Training.

Holidaysplease Leaders out on a recent day trip as part of their Leadership Training Programme.

The investment in the training programme is a significant one, and the demands that it places on our leaders are heavy. Still, the new skills and techniques being developed and learned will ensure that as a business Holidaysplease continues to provide the very best Travel Homeworking support to our team of homeworkers.

Travel Homeworking What’s Possible

There is a great football video doing the rounds on YouTube which caught my eye and got me thinking about Travel Homeworking What’s Possible.

The video is a clip from a penalty shootout. The penalty taker fiercely strikes the ball which in turn strikes the cross bar. Whilst the goalkeeper celebrates by running away from the goal, the penalty taker has his head in his hands. Until that is the ball comes back down to earth, bounces, and the spin on the ball takes it back towards the goal. The ball bounces again, and then again….into the goal!

The penalty taker is jubilant. The goalkeeper gutted!!


The change of emotions is something that a Travel Homeworker will face and have to deal with regularly. I’m going to get this sale! Aaaahhhh, the client has changed their mind. Wait…I might still be able to bag the business…..Sale made!

The key thing here is what is possible. A good friend of ours at Holidaysplease is Jamie Edwards. Jamie is a Peak Performance coach who works with international sports people and top business execs to help them perform at their best.

Jamie uses the analogy of a penalty to highlight the power of thinking about what is possible.

The penalty taker has practised his penalties ahead of the big game. Practice has been good and he feels confident that he will score. So, will he definitely score? Of course not. Could he miss? May be.

The key here is that it is possible that he will score, and it is possible that he may miss. When we think about what is possible, we are more able to deal with the consequences.  And that ability is what sets apart those who perform consistently well, and those that get carried away with short term success and lose focus or others who find themselves dragged down by failure.

Every Travel Homeworker will have days, weeks, months that don’t go well, even the very best! The important thing is to have the grit and belief to stay upbeat so that the sales start to flow again. It is just as important to avoid thinking you have it made after a good week or two. Do so and you may well find your effort levels drop and that results start to dry up.

In Travel Homeworking What’s Possible is the mindset for long term success. And always expect the unexpected, you never know which way the bookings ball may spin!

Travel Homeworking Flexibility

For most of the year the Travel Homeworking flexibility that attracts many parents to becoming a travel homeworker is quite easily achieved.

And then there are school holidays!

School holidays are challenging as a homeworker. Travel homeworking flexibility is hard to achieve because the kids are at home and demanding of your time, rather than in school for 6-7 hours a day.

Every parent knows that demanding and distracting kids do not help working in the consistent focused fashion that is required for anyone wanting to successfully sell holidays from home.

Should prospective travel homeworkers therefore expect to be not selling holidays during school holiday periods?

Absolutely not!

In July and August this year 5 of the Holidaysplease top 6 performing homeworkers are busy parents, with 3 of those team members each having four kids! That’s a lot of demand and distraction to deal with.

So how do such busy parents still manage to produce incredibly high levels of business during school holidays?

Well, they simply make the opportunity to be able to do so. They plan ahead, create a support structure, have laser like focus during the hours they have to work, and where all else fails, frantically juggle their family and work balls. This takes energy, determination and imagination.

The easy option that some travel homeworkers may choose is to take a step back from work and find excuses for not being able to sell holidays and make money during school holidays.

Just don’t be fooled that the easy option is the only option.

Achieve a good balance of travel homeworking flexibility through school holidays and you can still give plenty of your time to your kids, whilst at the same time maintaining the momentum in your travel homeworking business that leads to sales and success.

Do so and like the top producing parents in the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team have done during this years summer school holidays, you can earn over £9,000 in commission.

Travel Homeworking Awards

In Travel Homeworking awards mean a lot.

As a business Holidaysplease has won countless industry awards including twice winning Online Agent of the Year at the Agent Achievement Awards and being named TTG’s Online Agent of the Year for 2017.

These company awards are great and the sense of achievement is shared throughout the team.

Of course the essence of being a Travel Homeworker is an individual thing, so in Travel Homeworking awards mean a great  deal when they come along personally.

So being a Finalist for Travel Homeworker of the Year at the TTG Awards is a pretty big thing for our team member Sonia Armitage.

Sonia joined Holidaysplease in early 2016 coming off a challenging period running a Travel Franchise business that had not worked out for her.

Sonia was determined to make a success of Homeworking with Holidaysplease and the fantastic results she achieved with us in her first year are a clear demonstration of that determination to succeed!

  • From a standing start with no client base Sonia sold £1.2million of holidays in her first 12 months.
  • In her 2nd month she set a new record for sales in a month of £148,772. She bettered that in April with £159,944, and again in May booking £167,361. This February Sonia set a new record of £179,644.
  • In Year 1 Sonia has built a customer database in excess of 3,000 and 52% of her customers have signed up to the Holidaysplease reward scheme.

So what’s Sonia’s secret? There is no secret! She just works hard and uses her time smartly. She has done really well building relationships with customers using the Live Chat facility on the Holidaysplease website and is often live chatting with customers late into the evenings.

In her own words “My service is 24/7.” On Christmas Day Sonia was helping a client in the Maldives who wanted to move as it was raining!

Of course the reward that Sonia is achieving for her hard work is substantial. What she has earned in just the first 6 months of 2017 from commission on bookings made plus profit bonus would take the average travel agent 3 years to bring home.

No wonder she has treated herself to a brand new set of rather smart wheels!

And the personal satisfaction of being a Finalist as Homeworker of the Year at the TTG Awards is immense and incredibly rewarding.

In Travel Homeworking awards are truly valued and I’m sure that whoever is named the winner of Homeworker of the Year at the ceremony in September will of course be extremely deserving.

Being just a little bit biased, I just hope that person is our Sonia A!

Travel Homeworking Decision

Don’t worry, it is only natural to um and ah when making a Travel Homeworking decision.

Everyone does, and should. It is important to think things through carefully to be as sure as you can that the travel homeworking decision you make is the right one.

Some people need and take time to decide that joining the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team is the right move for them, others are sure and wanting to move forward quickly.

We always ask prospective Holidaysplease Homeworkers to be sure that coming on board is the right thing for them because we know that having certainty about the travel homeworking decision being made is vital to long term success.

Of the many things we have discovered building our award winning homeworking team over the last 14 years is that Travel Homeworking is not for dreamers, it is for doers! 

You can talk about becoming a Travel Homeworker all you like, but actually it is all about getting stuck in and making it happen.

As the tweet from acclaimed international author Paulo Coelho so eloquently highlights, we can all say we are going to make that decision, the power that leads to success is in the action we actually take.

Around this time last year I was writing about a new team member who had smashed all records in her first six weeks with us.

That person has just completed her first 12 months as a Holidaysplease Homeworker. From no pre-existing client base she has sold over £1.1 million of holidays and earned herself in excess of £56k in sales commission and bonus’.

What an incredible example of someone who dreamed of success and had a determination to achieve it. From day one she committed to getting to where she wanted to be.

If you have a Travel Homeworking decision to make, go at your own pace, be honest with yourself about how much you are willing to commit to build a rewarding homeworking business, and then go for it hard from day one!

Travel Homeworking First Month

I doubt it’s a big surprise to anyone that for most people their Travel Homeworking First Month can be challenging.

New routines. New systems. New disciplines. A Travel Homeworking first month has all of those and a whole lot more.

So when a new Holidaysplease Homeworker adds a note to her first end of month feedback report which reads like Nickola’s below, it is a great feeling!

“I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone at HP. Thanks for all the support within my first month. Everyone has been so kind and friendly. Thanks to Sue and Jayne for giving me the opportunity to work with the company with their great feedback so I was offered the position. Thanks to Sonia and Richard for offering me the position who have been so friendly and understanding within my induction week. And to the rest of staff thanks for all your support. I am looking forward to a great future working with you all.”

During her Induction with us Nickola displayed incredible and encouraging commitment which left us with a sneaky suspicion that she would meet the challenges of her early days as a Travel Homeworker with a steely determination to succeed.

Don’t ask why, it’s complicated, but every day of her three-day induction Nickola got up at 04.30am in the morning to be with us for a 09.30am start. At the end of the day she travelled home finally arriving back post 10.00pm.

And this same determination and commitment resulted in Nickola posting sales over 30% higher than we would normally expect from a new starter in their Travel Homeworking first month.

I suspect Nickola has many more successful months and years ahead on the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team.

Travel Homeworking Improvement

As a Travel Homeworker constant improvement is key.

Travel Homeworking success follows consistent efforts to develop product knowledge, understand and effectively utilise new technology, and perfect sales skills.

By being better, better results follow!

We apply the same reasoning at Holidaysplease Head Office so are always looking to take the support, guidance and mentoring we provide our homeworkers to the next level.

Which is why last week Sonia and Sue took time out from their super busy schedule heading up Team Holidaysplease to invest two full days in London at Europe’s leading sales event, Sales Innovation 2016.

With over 120 masterclass sessions, 60 innovative suppliers and 80 seminars led by experts, Sonia and Sue had a whole lot of learning to pack in!

The key elements are now being shared with each of the Holidaysplease Homeworkers to be applied to improve their strategies for success.

At Holidaysplease we are relentless in our pursuit of progress. Whether the progress is system related, sales focused, or product based, it doesn’t matter.

Without that desire to progress, to be the best we can, to constantly evolve and improve, Holidaysplease would not have grown to be the multi-award winning business that we are today.

As a Travel Homeworker you need that same desire. Then YOU need to apply it…..