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Travel Homeworking Certainty

It could be said that with travel homeworking certainty is hard to find.

Working on a self-employed commission only basis means that whilst your earning potential is uncapped and many travel homeworkers do take home significantly more than the average travel agent on the high street or in a call-centre, your income can be uncertain.

And for many homeworkers finding and retaining customers is sometimes uncertain…..although Holidaysplease homeworkers have more certainty than most in this area as highlighted in this recent BLOG.

The thing with certainty is that right now it’s pretty hard to find full stop!

Just last week Thomas Cook announced a further 21 store closures with 320 retail jobs at risk. There has not been much certainty working for one of travel’s oldest names for quite some time now.

And with the whole Brexit in or out hokey cokey farce certainty is a rarity across practically every walk of life!

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The good news for self-employed travel homeworkers is that they have perhaps more certainty in these uncertain times than if they were in an employed position.

As a travel homeworker with Holidaysplease you are in control. You control when you work and what you work on.

And of course, the old adage of “the more you put in the more you get out” could not be more apt.  More often than not the travel homeworkers who earn the most (and therefore achieve certainty in their income) are those that work hardest. Need to earn more? Work more hours! In most salaried positions you often end up working more hours for no more money!!

Over the last 20 years some of the fastest growing and most successful companies in travel have been travel homeworking companies. Holidaysplease has achieved consistent double-digit growth pretty much every year of the 15 we have been in business.

Whilst the number of high street travel agents has close to halved in recent years to 3,500 the travel homeworking community has grown to a similar number.

At the 2018 AITO Overseas Conference last November ABTA director John de Vial said “I can see the number of homeworkers overtaking the number of physical travel agencies in the next few years.”

So yes, travel homeworking certainty can be hard to find. At the same time, it’s fair to say that there is more certainty in travel homeworking than there is across pretty much every sector of the travel industry currently.

Anytime you fancy a chat about homeworking with Holidaysplease we are just a quick call away on 0121 200 5720.

Travel Homeworking Growth

Reading updates in the travel trade press it is clear that across the industry it is Travel Homeworking growth that has been the bright spot of this years January trading.

Both Travel Weekly and TTG have been running reports of record Travel Homeworking growth from a number of the key Travel Homeworking companies, including Holidaysplease of course!

Whilst trading amongst the high street travel agents appears to have been patchy at best, Travel Homeworkers have shown again that with the right attitude and work ethic records are there to be smashed!!

And the Holidaysplease Homeworking team really did smash it this January!

  • The 2nd week of the month saw us break through the £1million sales mark in a week for the first time to set a new record week which, the following week, we exceeded!
  • And we set a new record for sales in a month achieving sales in excess of £4million for the first time.

Individually many of the Holidaysplease Homeworking team had a super-rewarding January.

  • A third of the team set new personal records for sales in a month.
  • 20% of of the team exceeded the magic £100,000 mark for sales in a month, our greatest number ever.
  • The average sales per homeworker in January was over £50,000 in a month for the first time ever. This is industry leading productivity.

The Holidaysplease Travel Homeworking growth in January was achieved by established and new homeworkers. One team member that joined us in November booked £144,000’s worth of holidays in January, whilst at the same time a homeworker who has been with Holidaysplease for over 10 years and has consistently achieved fantastic results, enjoyed her best month ever with us.

And of course the hard work that brought this success brings incredible rewards. Those 20% of homeworkers who hit the £100k mark for the month will have earned at least £5,000 in the month. Our top homeworker for the month earned commission in excess of £10,000 in January!

In travel terms these earnings are way way above average salaries paid on the high street or in call centres. Whilst always remembering that every single penny earned as a travel homeworker is hard-earned, lets also remember that these top earners are not some super human breed of travel agent ninja’s!

They all come from typical travel backgrounds. High Street travel agents, multiples and independents. Call-centres, Tour Operators both large and specialist.

The only thing that sets them apart is the belief, energy, determination and vision that they bring. That is where the Travel Homeworking growth comes from.

Travel Homeworking Systems

The travel homeworking systems that the Holidaysplease tech team build are integral to the success of our travel homeworkers, and just yesterday the Holidaysplease Homeworkers Intranet was being enthusiastically viewed by a prospective team member.

Meeting with potential travel homeworkers to learn more about their ambitions and showcase all that we have to offer at Holidaysplease is always fun.

During these meetings our Recruitment Manager Gemma runs through the key aspects of our Homeworkers Intranet system. Whilst she can’t cover every nook and cranny in the time we have, the overview provided offers a good insight and prospective team members get a real feel for how we work at Holidaysplease.

People viewing our system for the first time are pretty much always impressed, and yesterday was no exception. What was different was that the person Gemma and I were meeting has a tech background as well as great experience in travel sales.

The person has used plenty of systems in their time. Helped to develop systems, and been involved in project management for one of the leading travel tech companies.

In short, this is someone who knows what a travel homeworker needs system wise to manage their enquiries efficiently, work their client base effectively, and have all the tools they need at their disposal to achieve the absolute most they can from their business.

When someone who has used and seen a myriad of travel systems in their time tells you that yours is the most intuitive and smartly designed they have ever seen, you know you have got it right.

The Holidaysplease tech team have incredible brain power 😉

The travel homeworking systems that we have at Holidaysplease are specifically designed with the user in mind by an inhouse tech team that it is in tune with what our Homeworkers need.

Of course systems don’t guarantee success, but they do sure as heck make it easier to come by.

Travel Homeworking Review

For all of us involved in Travel Homeworking review is important. Knowing where you are provides the pointers to making the right decisions about what needs to be done to get where you want to be.

As we approach the middle of 2017 at Holidaysplease we will be working through all our vital stats as we undertake our half-yearly Travel Homeworking review.

And we are going to be looking back at a highly successful 6 months for the business and many of our Travel Homeworkers.

Overall sales are running 28% up year on year. And, even better news, homeworker commission has grown by 32% on sales made in 2017 v 2016 with our top team member earning over £46k in the first half of the year.

The growing support for the Holidaysplease Homeworking team plus recent investments we have made to develop systems and product to help them work even more effectively and earn more from the hours they put in is really paying off.

What we learn from our Travel Homeworking review of 2017 so far will reaffirm what we are doing well and show us what we can improve on in the 2nd half of the year. Because there is always room for improvement!

Travel Homeworking Technology

To build a super successful Travel Homeworking business you need to be a people person for sure.

Having the right travel homeworking technology behind you is of course key, and the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team definitely benefit from using the cutting edge purpose built technology they have at their disposal.

Which is great. On the other hand, getting out there, forming relationships, working relationships, building relationships, using your people skills will be the bedrock of every great travel homeworkers success.

A male robot thinking about something. Isolated on white background.

The Travel Homeworking Technology of the future?

In the future technology will no doubt continue to grow in relevance and there may come a time when the travel homeworking technology in use is more important than human relationships.

For now, the travel homeworkers that are winning are those that have outstanding communication skills and use new media such as social media effectively. And they embrace new travel homeworking technology to work smarter and faster.

As I wrote about in a recent Travel Trade Gazette article, the rise of Artificial Intelligence will see increasing influence of programmed intelligences in all aspects of modern commerce.

For now let’s keep using travel homeworking technology in a personal way and stay human. It’s not quite time for the robots just yet!

Travel Homeworking Celebrity Service

Amongst many things, perhaps what I am most proud of about Travel Homeworking at Holidaysplease is our Number 1 Travel Agency rating on Trustpilot.

Every super successful Travel Homeworking business is built on firm foundations, and there can be no doubt that the service Travel Homeworkers are able to offer to their customers is one of the key pillars to Travel Homeworking success.

Being Number 1 travel agency on Trustpilot is testament to the consistent hard work the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team put in to ensure that the service our customers receive truly does stand out from the crowd.

We can put up our feet up in the knowledge that we are Number 1 then…. No chance, that is not the Holidaysplease way!

I was recently introduced to a chap called Geoff Ramm and his book Celebrity Service. In the book Geoff tells the story of how, when presenting on stage, he asked the audience who delivered outstanding service to their customers.

One especially vociferous and confident lady immediately put her hand up and shared details of the excellent service that she did indeed give to her customers.

Then Geoff asked her, “What would happen if a Hollywood celebrity walked into your shop tomorrow?” The lady replied “Like who?” Geoff mentioned a couple of likely lads in George Clooney and Brad Pitt. The lady was clearly excited by this thought.

“What would you do for George and Brad should they happen to walk in to your shop tomorrow?”

The lady just about kept her reply polite!

As the conversation progressed it became clear that our lady shop owner could find all kinds of ways to provide an even higher level of service should George and Brad walk through her shop door.

So that’s my new challenge to the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team. You are good, but how could you be better?

If you had a holiday enquiry tomorrow from an A-List Celebrity what would you do differently to provide a Celebrity Service?

Come up with some good answers and then put them into practice and you will be laying firm foundations for the future success of your Travel Homeworking business.

Travel Homeworking Regrets

Travel Homeworking Regrets….

I’m sure there will be plenty of Travel Homeworkers who have regrets. And I’m sure there will be many who have considered a career in Travel Homeworking, decided against, and regretted that decision!

Dave CrippsIn some ways talking about regrets in a blog about the opportunity that Travel Homeworking represents may seem strange. Yet actually it’s 100% appropriate.

When you read the email below that I received today from my exceptional Gym Coach, Mr Dave Cripps owner of Coalition Performance, I think you’ll appreciate why avoiding regrets should be in the thoughts of anyone seriously considering Travel Homeworking.

Do you have regrets?

I certainly do, and they stick around with you for a life time, giving you that ultimate sense of failure

So I want to share with you the cure, based on a speech…

You may have seen this week me share the video of Apple founder Steve Jobs?

At the time of the speech, he announced how he had discovered he had pancreatic cancer…
And thankfully had overcome it

He said how he followed the mantra:

‘Live everyday as if it was your last, and you’ll almost certainly one day get it right’

With this approach, you don’t regret, because YOU DO

Regret is the product of failing to act on doing something, which could have resulted in you achieving something remarkable…

Conquering a sporting challenge you had always yearned
Shedding the body fat that’s been making you anxious for the last year

But its so easy not to do the training required (your tired, your stressed)
Not honestly adopt the nutrition required for change (you have no time, you drive too much)

And how often do you not act?
You might get close, but you fail to act and end up in the same place

(often using the age old excuses that we’ve all used above)

Its this lack of action which triggers the empty sense of regret further down the line

Take social media maniac Gary Vaynerchuk…

He always talks about how when he intentionally spent a lot of time around people in their 70’s, the only thing they complained about was regret

Not taking a chance
Not relishing an opportunity

The sad irony with Steve Jobs is he wouldn’t know a few years after that speech he would eventually succumb to illness and pass away, HOWEVER…

He lived, he took the opportunities, I guarantee he didn’t regret and he achieved what he wanted

You can keep talking a good game…

You can keep making the same excuses you know deep down aren’t genuine…

You can keep reading training and nutrition articles, even eye balling my e-mails each week…

But don’t expect what you actually want (life impacting results in how your body looks, feels and performs)

Or, act, DO, in succeeding with your training goals, you’ll end up with no regrets, and nothing but a bloody great sense of achievement

Travel Homeworking regrets, let’s not have them people!

Travel Homeworking Peak Performance

All of us working in travel get excited by January and February, and Travel Homeworkers are no different.

In Travel Homeworking the so-called peak performance months are vital to setting the tone for the year ahead.

Get off to a good start and the wind is often in your sails for months to come. Fall short of expectation, and playing catch up can be challenging.

Whilst important, January and February are not quite so critical for the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team as we keep them busy with new enquiries throughout the year.

Therefore every Holidaysplease Homeworker has the opportunity to convert a good number of enquiries into sales and make good money whatever the month.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t get excited when our team of Travel Homeworkers achieve great results through peaks!

Far from it, we love it when they hit peak performance and smash their January and February targets.

Which is why today, on the 1st day of March, I am feeling the love for every single Holidaysplease Homeworker because as a team we have smashed it in January and February.

Our record sales for each of the two months have ended 30% up on January and February 2015 which is a truly outstanding result.

And what’s more we found out this week that Holidaysplease has received two nominations in the prestigious Travel Trade Gazette awards this year. We are in the final five for Online Travel Agent of the Year as well as the final five for Homeworking Company of the Year.

What a great way to start 2016! And we have so much great stuff going on to continue to drive the whole business forward through the remainder of the year.

Am I excited? Oh yeah, I’m excited! Can’t you tell……

Travel Homeworking Travel Doctor

With 2015 drawing to a close it is time for all Travel Homeworkers to reflect on the highlights of their year, what worked, what didn’t.

There will have been lessons learned and new skills to implement in 2016 to grow their Travel Homeworking business.

As always it has been a busy year for the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team which has grown by nearly 20% in 2015.

And with some really exciting technological and product developments already in place for 2016 with more to come, the next 12 months promise much.

One of the key pillars supporting every super-successful Travel Homeworker will be the relationships they build with their customers. And one of my favourite examples of a Holidaysplease Homeworker doing exactly this in 2015 came from team member Linda.

Linda impressed a Honeymoon couple to such an extent with her service, recommendations and little touches that on their return the couple invited Linda to lunch at their place of work.

Nice….but not in itself amazingly special until I tell you that the couple both work at the BBC!

Linda enjoyed a fantastic behind the scenes tour the highlight of which being having her picture taken with The Tardis.

So from now on Linda will be forever known at Holidaysplease as the Travel Homeworking Travel Doctor…..

Linda at the BBC

If you love developing relationships and delivering outstanding service to your customers and want to be properly rewarded for doing so, get in touch!

Come join the Travel Doctor and become a part of the award winning Travel Homeworking team in 2016.

Travel Homeworking Comfort Zone

The decision that hundreds of High Street Travel Agents and Travel Call-Centre sales staff take every year to join the growing Travel Homeworking fraternity is a big one.

After all for most the decision means escaping their Comfort Zone of employment and a guaranteed income, and stepping into the unknown of working from home, usually on a self-employed basis where reward only follows sales.

And of course going from high street to home means change, and change is something that us humans often find uncomfortable.

To see what I mean, cross your arms. Now uncross them. Next re-cross them in the opposite way to how you usually do. Feels uncomfortable doesn’t it! That’s change for you….

So you could forgive people who reject change and embrace their Comfort Zone. However it is when you escape your Comfort Zone that the magic happens!

Comfort Zone

For Travel Homeworkers it is where they start earning a reward that finally starts to match the work they put in to each sale. Not a £1-5 per passenger bonus. A Holidaysplease Homeworker will expect to earn well over a £100 from every sale they make!

It is where the balance of a busy work and family life can be found. And it is where self-motivated travel professionals with a desire to build a business of their own can do exactly that.

That’s the Magic Zone. So much more fun than the Comfort Zone!