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Bounce back indeed.

Last night I had the experience once so in abundance and taken for granted, yet so sorely missed for most of 18 months – a travel event!! In real life.

The drinks were flowing, miniature food was being thrust at us, and the company was just great.

Travel gossip held their ‘Bounce Back Party’ at the Happenstance in London and it was fair to say that the atmosphere was electric.







People need people, and travel people are feeling that need more so than ever. Everybody came together last night, sharing their individual experiences and stories of their tough times. It felt like half of the night was a therapy session and half was about shrugging off those stresses and dancing the night away, clinking glasses to an onward and upward path within our resilient community.



*(One of the lovely travel agents I bumped into!)



Hat’s off to Travel Gossip, the event was not for profit. The proceeds and active fundraising on the night were all to help support the ABTA lifeline charity which has raised over a million pounds for people in our industry when they have needed it most, as well provide well being support and counselling. www.abtalifeline.org.uk

Real conversations were had and it was refreshing to hear of some new beginnings after hardship, and it was a joy to offer that opportunity to anybody still in-between, or has found reason to want a change.



Holidaysplease has been lucky to have come through the pandemic with the capacity and thirst to grow, if you are looking for a new opportunity within travel, find out more by emailing cat.reeves@holidaysplease.com to receive our shiny new prospectus.

Growing your Travel Homeworking business with Holidaysplease

One of the three main reasons why travel agents leave the high-street shops are lack of variety, low pay and lots of admin work. But choosing the right travel homeworking company is the key to becoming a successful homeworker. As an independent home-based travel consultant, growing your business might seem harder, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re homeworking with Holidaysplease.

From the minute you walk through our doors, we are here to support you and invest in you, to make sure your travel homeworking business will start to grow and then continue flourish. Exactly how do we do that? Well…


When you decide to join us, whether you were a homeworker before or you worked in a travel shop, you will do an intense 3 day induction here at our Birmingham headquarters. Our experienced sales team will show you our unique CMC system, share secrets and strategies used by our top agents and discuss selling techniques. At the end of this induction, you will feel confident in your knowledge and your ability to begin your homeworking career in travel, with all the tools you need to achieve the goals you set for your business.

Home Visits & Team Meet Ups

A couple of months after your induction, you will get a home visit from our Sales Team Leader, who will spend the day with you, giving you 1-2-1 advice and helping you improve your sales technique. Moreover, our director Richard together with members of our Sales Leadership team hold quarterly area meetings, where you will have the opportunity to spend the day having a nice lunch and a catch-up with other homeworkers in the area.

Richard meeting up with some of the Holidaysplease northern based homeworkers.

We Are Always Here for You

Our HQ sales leaders are here to support you 24/7. Whether you’re unsure about which hotels to suggest to your customers, how to close the sale or how to convert more enquiries, they are just a phone call away from you. You can call them as many or as few times as you want, and they’ll also give you regular follow up calls to check up on you. Our support to you will be 7 days a week, 7am-10pm, and we also have in place a 24/7 emergency contact for your customers should they need assistance abroad at any time.

Weekly Webinars from Industry Experts

Each week, we host webinars from industry experts such as tour operators, hotel chains and tourist boards to help build that all important product knowledge. Our Sales Leaders also provide regular team updates across various channels to keep you fully up to speed with everything new.

Special Business Building Incentives

We regularly offer incentives to our newcomers. For example, RIGHT NOW we are offering a tailored 1-2-1 marketing training day with our in house specialists, to show you how to advertise your business better, increase your client base and build your repeat business.

We’ve Got Your Admin Covered!

At Holidaysplease, you don’t have to worry about all the paperwork, you can focus on sales! Our admin team will look after your customers once they have booked with you. And because we sell a high value product and provide high class service, we make sure our admin staff work to the highest of standards as well.


These are just a few of the ways in which at Holidaysplease we will help you grow a super-successful Travel Homeworking business.

To find out more call us now on 0121 200 5720

Travel Homeworking : Picking the Best

As the Great British Summer comes to an end, the busy season for the travel industry tends to simmer down. Well, at least this is the case for most travel agencies – not so much for Holidaysplease. Our in-house marketing team make sure we’re always busy, with plenty of free, quality leads and new opportunities to make sales.

Most high-street travel agents have made peace with the fact they’ll have to spend most of their autumn months clearing out old paperwork and watching the clock until closing time, but not Holidaysplease homeworkers. We’re as busy now as we’ve been all year – just another great reason to join our team of travel experts!

Richard Dixon, one of the Holidaysplease founders, who has taken the company from idea to a multi-million-pound, award-winning business, shares some of his secrets to success: “It’s important to select the right people when selling holidays to high-spending customers. Recruit the wrong people and frankly any travel business looking to sell upmarket holidays will fail.”

At Holidaysplease, we only take on board a small percentage of those who apply to join our homeworking team of personal travel experts. People are often surprised by this stat as many Travel Homeworking companies favour employing by numbers rather than finding quality people.

We have always chosen QUALITY vs QUANTITY.

Experience, knowledge and personality are the 3 most important factors our homeworkers must have in order to join us. We recruit sensibly to make sure that our Travel Homeworkers have what it takes to sell successfully to upmarket customers. By doing this, we find that a higher percentage of people that come onboard the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team go on to build the successful Travel Homeworking business to which they aspire.

Although there are times when the number of enquiries being generated surpasses the capacity in our team, we know that in the long term our Homeworking Partnerships will be all the better for it.

If you consider yourself to be an experienced travel agent who is ready to step up your game and make money year round, then get in touch today and you could be part of our exclusive travel-homeworking team!

We are one call away on 0121 200 5720

Travel Homeworking : Julie’s story

Julie joined the Holidaysplease Team back in 2015.

After a long career as a high street travel agent, she wanted a new and more rewarding challenge.

In this short video Julie shares her story of building a super-successful travel homeworking business as part of the multi-award winning Holidaysplease team.

Interested in joining Julie and building a travel homeworking business of your own in partnership with us at Holidaysplease?

Just call us on 0121 200 5720

Travel Homeworking Customers

One of the most common concerns for people considering becoming a travel homeworker is where they will find their travel homeworking customers.

The odd person will have a bank of customers already established, however the vast majority of travel agents leaving the high street or a call centre to become a travel homeworker do not. They’ll have a few family members and friends that will book with them, but that’s usually as far as it goes.

So how do you build a super successful travel homeworking business when you have no customers?

Well the first thing you should do is partner up with a travel homeworking company that has a proven track record in producing leads.

And secondly, you need to look very carefully into how that travel homeworking company manages the relationship between customers and their homeworkers.

It is all very well having a lead and selling a holiday once. The thing is that to build a sustainable and rewarding travel homeworking business it is imperative to build a loyal base of repeat customers. With some homeworking models this is very hard to achieve as repeat customers are not directed back to the agent that they previously booked with. And often new customers who are close to booking but need a short time before making a final decision, never find their way back to the original homeworker who has done all the ground work when calling back to book.

The way we work at Holidaysplease is completely different! Our ethos is all about building the relationship between the customer and their homeworker from the start and then repeatedly.

From the moment a Holidaysplease Homeworker claims a lead, they “own” the customer. This means that whether the customer books on each occasion they enquire or not, the Holidaysplease CRM system is programmed so that the customer will always be in the ownership of that homeworker, and therefore directed back to that homeworker every time the customer gets in touch.

What’s more, at Holidaysplease we have a unique customer rewards programme designed specifically to encourage customers to make repeat booking with their Holidaysplease Homeworker. The rewards scheme now has over 14,000 customers signed up to it.

So with Holidaysplease, travel homeworking customers come from leads that we generate via our central marketing campaigns which then become repeat customers for the individual homeworker who “owns” that customer. Leads and repeats are the first two pillars when building your travel homeworking customer base.

Your third and final pillar comes from referrals. Here again the Holidaysplease CRM is a powerful tool working automatically on behalf of each homeworker by encouraging customers to refer family and friends to their personal Holidaysplease Homeworker and sending a nice thank-you gift to the referrer when a new customer they refer books.

Every new business has to have prospects. Turn those prospects into buying customers, and then turn those customers into repeat buyers. In simple terms, that is how every sustainable business is built.

At Holidaysplease we truly understand this, and that understanding is underpinned throughout the ethos and culture of how we work with our customers and travel homeworkers.

Many top performing Holidaysplease Homeworkers have built fantastic and consistently rewarding businesses which all started with travel homeworking customers generated for them by the Holidaysplease Marketing Team.

Get in touch today and let us explain how you could do exactly the same!

Travel Homeworking Personal

Despite the advance of tech, by keeping travel homeworking personal I believe that travel homeworkers have a great future ahead of them.

A recent opinion column I wrote for TTG talked about being wowed by a new robotic restaurant in Boston.

Whilst the point of the piece was to challenge travel to be more inventive and ambitious in our use of tech, there can be little doubt how much technology already has and continues to change our industry.

Virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robots can all now be found in retail travel, call-centres and airports enhancing the customer experience via inspiration and improved efficiency.

Nevertheless, to suggest that the future of travel lies solely in the hands of technology is foolhardy. Travel itself is all about personal experience. From looking to booking, to travelling, returning, and sharing each moment across every social channel along the way, the whole journey is “mine”.

Which is why people will always have the opportunity to play an integral part in the booking process turning holiday dreams into reality. However, the only people that will be able to grasp and profit from that opportunity will be those that bring more to the customer than a computer can.

That means truly outstanding personal service and knowledge from the very first interaction a travel sales person has with a customer, through the sales process to pre and post departure and beyond.

If you as a prospective homeworker are not prepared or equipped to bring more to your customer than a computer…..walk away now, travel homeworking is not for you!

The success of Holidaysplease over the last 15 years has been founded on the principle of the old and the new. Old school travel agent knowledge, service and sales skills married to new technology, new ways of doing things, smarter, faster, and always customer-centric. Everything we do starts and ends with the customer in mind.

The robotic restaurant is a reality. Can I envisage a robotic travel agency built around artificial intelligence, 100% I can! It will succeed because it will be quick and cheap due to efficiency savings and of course no staff salaries.

At the same time the “human” travel agent that continues to evolve by embracing the new and enhancing the old will also thrive. And in my mind travel homeworkers are in a unique position to be the ones that fill that space.

Focus effort and energy on keeping travel homeworking personal by being innovative when building relationships and always providing more to customers than a computer can, and you may just end up with a highly successful travel homeworking business!

Travel Homeworking Partnership

The success of most Travel Homeworkers starts when they choose the right Travel Homeworking Partnership.

Make the wrong decision and choose the wrong Travel Homeworking Partnership and even the most experienced, resourceful and determined Travel Homeworker will find building their Travel Homeworking business a tough ask.

There are lots of reasons behind the ongoing success of the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team. The leads we generate for our team, the support we offer, and the types of holidays we sell. They are all key.

However, without doubt, everything starts with the care and attention we take to recruit people as Holidaysplease Homeworkers who we truly believe will prosper in our Travel Homeworking Partnership.

And a big part of that partnership is creating a feeling of togetherness. We do that in all kinds of ways, including buying a luxury apartment in Southern Spain!

Spanish Apartment

Not only is the apartment available for our team to use, customers also get the chance stay in the apartment by redeeming Holidaysplease Reward points that they accumulate as members of our Customer Rewards programme.

So add our Spanish Apartment to the long list of reasons why the Holidaysplease Travel Homeworking Partnership could well be the right one for you.

Travel Homeworking Think You Can

“Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right!”

In my view one of the best quotes ever for which we should always be grateful to American Industrialist Henry Ford for.

The audience at the recent TTG Top 50 Awards were reminded of the saying by Holiday Extras Partnership Development Manager, Lindsay Garvey-Jones who was presenting one of the awards.

Lindsay Garvey-Jones

Lindsay Garvey-Jones

Lindsay is a massively positive character who I’m sure thinks she can do pretty much anything she puts her mind to. I’d certainly back her to do exactly that anyway!

Lindsay definitely practices what she preaches.

Lots of people tell me that they have been thinking about Travel Homeworking for some time but have never taken things forward.

Whilst I would always advise prospective Travel Homeworkers to consider carefully whether Travel Homeworking really is right for them, and to investigate thoroughly the various opportunities in the market place, it does seem to me that if there is too much thinking going on, then it is likely to be a case of think you can’t rather than think you can!

And there is no point kidding yourself here!

Travel Homeworking is a tough old world. For every Homeworker there will be challenges. There will be days and weeks that will seriously test your belief and resolve.

The good news of course is that for those people that truly think they can be successful as a Travel Homeworker the rewards financially and personally can be huge.

This years TTG Top 50 Awards recognised Holidaysplease as one of the UK’s leading Online Travel Agents and one of the best Travel Homeworking companies in the country, accolades that we are very proud of.

The support that we give our team, the opportunities provided for them daily via the free leads we generate, and the tailor-made technology they have to grow and manage their Travel Homeworking business, all adds up to a strong proposition.

The key of course is whether you think you can, or think you can’t?

Travel Homeworking Recruitment

Be 100% assured that at Holidaysplease we take Travel Homeworking recruitment very seriously.

We want the best people on board our team delivering outstanding service to Holidaysplease customers and building fantastic Travel Homeworking businesses for themselves.

Anybody looking for a Travel Homeworking job should be very serious about the process as well. From our experience it is clear that prospective Travel Homeworkers who do not think things through carefully and do their research correctly, often make the wrong choices.

This is obviously a disaster for the Homeworking Company and the Homeworker.

So at Holidaysplease we go to great lengths to ensure that our Travel Homeworking recruitment brings in the right people for how we work.

Which most of the time it does, although not always….

We recently took on a new Homeworker who decided to leave within a few weeks of joining us. The fit wasn’t right, our way was not the Homeworkers way.

On the other hand we have plenty of spectacular successes with our Travel Homeworking recruitment!

Training at the same time as the lady who came and left, was a new team member who has smashed all records in her first 6 weeks with us.

From a standing start with no client base, this person has sold over £150,000’s worth of holidays already and earned over £7,000 in commission in a month and a half! Quite incredible!!

Travel Homeworking recruitment is not an exact science. If there is a magic formula I haven’t found it just yet. There can be extremes of success and non-success as our two experiences of the last few weeks ably demonstrate.

Which is why at Holidaysplease we are honest, straight forward, and open throughout our Travel Homeworking recruitment. By being so it is our firm belief that more often than not we will get it right and new Holidaysplease Homeworkers will go onto build super-successful Homeworking businesses.

And every now and then that success is spectacular and comes very quickly!

Travel Homeworking What is Possible?

Often, the key to building a successful Travel Homeworking business is to ask yourself “What is possible?”

Travel Homeworkers can apply this question to their short term and long term goals. What is possible for me to achieve today, this week or this month? What is possible for me to earn this year?

Once what is possible has been identified and accepted by a Travel Homeworker, the evidence we have at Holidaysplease from the 12 years of building our team is that anything is possible in Travel Homeworking!

Take the story of Laura who has been a Holidaysplease Homeworker for 18 months or so. This time last year at our Holidaysplease Conference Laura set herself the goal to achieve “Silver Status” from sales achieved over the next 12 months.

After a year that has seen the usual success and challenges of Travel Homeworking, Laura knew that she needed a really strong August to achieve her goal.

She would need to have her best month ever. In the middle of School Holidays. And Laura has 4 kids.

With all this in mind, was it still possible for her to hit her “Silver Status” goal? Laura thought it was, and she committed herself 110% to doing exactly that!

10 days into August  and she was 13% of the way  to her sales target. 20 days in and she was just 25% of the way. Work to do! Did Laura give up? No way. Until her goal was impossible, it remained possible!

Momentum built. With the Bank Holiday weekend to go Laura needed £40k in sales. A tall order which required all of her focus, belief and determination….right up until 6pm on the evening of Bank Holiday Monday, the last day of the month, when Laura bagged the sale that secured her “Silver Status” for this year’s Holidaysplease Homeworkers Conference. Wow!

For Laura to hit her goal for the year meant a good deal personally. Her record August meant a huge amount to her family finances!

The £6k she’d earned in one month was more than she used to earn in a year working 16 hours a week on the high street for one of the large Travel Agent chains.  

In Travel Homeworking what is possible? Anything of course……..