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Bounce back indeed.

Last night I had the experience once so in abundance and taken for granted, yet so sorely missed for most of 18 months – a travel event!! In real life.

The drinks were flowing, miniature food was being thrust at us, and the company was just great.

Travel gossip held their ‘Bounce Back Party’ at the Happenstance in London and it was fair to say that the atmosphere was electric.







People need people, and travel people are feeling that need more so than ever. Everybody came together last night, sharing their individual experiences and stories of their tough times. It felt like half of the night was a therapy session and half was about shrugging off those stresses and dancing the night away, clinking glasses to an onward and upward path within our resilient community.



*(One of the lovely travel agents I bumped into!)



Hat’s off to Travel Gossip, the event was not for profit. The proceeds and active fundraising on the night were all to help support the ABTA lifeline charity which has raised over a million pounds for people in our industry when they have needed it most, as well provide well being support and counselling. www.abtalifeline.org.uk

Real conversations were had and it was refreshing to hear of some new beginnings after hardship, and it was a joy to offer that opportunity to anybody still in-between, or has found reason to want a change.



Holidaysplease has been lucky to have come through the pandemic with the capacity and thirst to grow, if you are looking for a new opportunity within travel, find out more by emailing cat.reeves@holidaysplease.com to receive our shiny new prospectus.

Travel Homeworking Customers

One of the most common concerns for people considering becoming a travel homeworker is where they will find their travel homeworking customers.

The odd person will have a bank of customers already established, however the vast majority of travel agents leaving the high street or a call centre to become a travel homeworker do not. They’ll have a few family members and friends that will book with them, but that’s usually as far as it goes.

So how do you build a super successful travel homeworking business when you have no customers?

Well the first thing you should do is partner up with a travel homeworking company that has a proven track record in producing leads.

And secondly, you need to look very carefully into how that travel homeworking company manages the relationship between customers and their homeworkers.

It is all very well having a lead and selling a holiday once. The thing is that to build a sustainable and rewarding travel homeworking business it is imperative to build a loyal base of repeat customers. With some homeworking models this is very hard to achieve as repeat customers are not directed back to the agent that they previously booked with. And often new customers who are close to booking but need a short time before making a final decision, never find their way back to the original homeworker who has done all the ground work when calling back to book.

The way we work at Holidaysplease is completely different! Our ethos is all about building the relationship between the customer and their homeworker from the start and then repeatedly.

From the moment a Holidaysplease Homeworker claims a lead, they “own” the customer. This means that whether the customer books on each occasion they enquire or not, the Holidaysplease CRM system is programmed so that the customer will always be in the ownership of that homeworker, and therefore directed back to that homeworker every time the customer gets in touch.

What’s more, at Holidaysplease we have a unique customer rewards programme designed specifically to encourage customers to make repeat booking with their Holidaysplease Homeworker. The rewards scheme now has over 14,000 customers signed up to it.

So with Holidaysplease, travel homeworking customers come from leads that we generate via our central marketing campaigns which then become repeat customers for the individual homeworker who “owns” that customer. Leads and repeats are the first two pillars when building your travel homeworking customer base.

Your third and final pillar comes from referrals. Here again the Holidaysplease CRM is a powerful tool working automatically on behalf of each homeworker by encouraging customers to refer family and friends to their personal Holidaysplease Homeworker and sending a nice thank-you gift to the referrer when a new customer they refer books.

Every new business has to have prospects. Turn those prospects into buying customers, and then turn those customers into repeat buyers. In simple terms, that is how every sustainable business is built.

At Holidaysplease we truly understand this, and that understanding is underpinned throughout the ethos and culture of how we work with our customers and travel homeworkers.

Many top performing Holidaysplease Homeworkers have built fantastic and consistently rewarding businesses which all started with travel homeworking customers generated for them by the Holidaysplease Marketing Team.

Get in touch today and let us explain how you could do exactly the same!

Travel Homeworking Number 1 Company

Let’s be straight here. Every Travel Homeworking Company wants to be Number 1.

Some will say that they are without the evidence to back up their claim.

The Holidaysplease Homeworking Team can say we are the Travel Homeworking Number 1 Company because our customers say so!

HP Trustpilot Jan 16By consistently delivering outstanding service, Holidaysplease is now rated Number 1 on Trustpilot for Travel and Holidays with an overall score of 9.9/10 from 1,311 reviews.

If you want to be a Travel Homeworker with a Travel Homeworking Company that is truly committed to building long term relationships by providing outstanding service to customers then you should be joining the Number 1 rated travel company on Trustpilot…..Team Holidaysplease!




Travel Homeworking Research

In June 2003 Holidaysplease recruited our first travel homeworker, Ruth from Watford. She’s still with us today. That’s probably because prior to joining both Ruth and I were thorough in our Travel Homeworking Research.

12 years ago Travel Homeworking was very much in it’s infancy with just a handful of Travel Homeworking companies for prospective travel homeworkers to choose from.

Fast forward to 2015 and there are now many more companies offering Travel Homeworking jobs and opportunities. This should not be much of a surprise when you consider the incredible success that some of the homeworking companies and many individual homeworkers have achieved.

It is also good because it means anyone thinking about travel homeworking in 2015 has a choice. And having choice means it is more likely that the partnership between homeworking company and homeworker will succeed….so long as both parties have done their research thoroughly.

Unfortunately I often find that this is not the case.

The homeworking market in 2015 is busy. Companies large and small, established and new, are all vying for the attention of people considering homeworking. There is no doubt that this often leads to a less than thorough approach to recruitment, and, in extreme cases, complete misrepresentation of the deal and rewards on offer.

After all, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is….

Too Good to Be True

If you speak to a travel homeworking company that promises you the earth and is looking to rush you into joining their team, then I suggest you put the brakes on and take a step back.

At Holidaysplease we have an unflinching belief and confidence in our homeworking proposition. This is backed up of course by the many awards we have won over the last 12 years and the fact that a high proportion of our homeworkers have been with us for a number of years and consistently achieve what they aspire to from the partnership.

So when recruiting we take our time. We don’t pressure people into making a decision. We thoroughly explain how Holidaysplease Homeworkers work via telephone calls and face to face meetings. And we never make false promises. We don’t need to.

My advice to you as a prospective homeworker will always be to think carefully, ask good questions of yourself and the travel homeworking companies you talk to, and be clear in your mind what you need to succeed as a travel homeworker.

Proper research, careful thought, and clear goals generally lead to good decisions. And remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

Image courtesy of http://www.farcesofnature.com/ 

Travel Homeworking Support

Every Travel Homeworking company says that they offer their Travel Homeworkers great support.

Having spoken to many people who have experienced Travel Homeworking elsewhere I know that this is often not the case!

At Holidaysplease we recognised from the outset that providing outstanding and constant Support for our Travel Homeworkers was vital to their (and of course our) success.

So not only do we Talk the Talk of Travel Homeworking Support, we Walk the Walk!

  • Just last week I enjoyed a day on the English Riviera visiting one of our Homeworkers. The 6 hours on the road were worth every minute of my time!
  • As usual over a recent Bank Holiday Weekend Sonia (who heads up the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team) was hard at it behind her desk helping homeworkers who were working and covering those that were away.
  • For the last two days we have had three Homeworkers who joined us a couple of months ago back up to Holidaysplease House for follow up training. Inviting team members up to work with Sonia and her Assistant Sue is a regular occurrence that has achieved great results.

That’s just three examples from the last week of the constant Travel Homeworking Support that Holidaysplease Homeworkers benefit from.

If you are thinking about Travel Homeworking and you recognise that having fantastic support is key to your success as a Travel Homeworker then make sure the Travel Homeworking Company you are considering walks support rather than just talks it!


Travel Homeworking : Travel Leaders

Yesterday I was a Travel Leader!

Representing the views of a Travel Homeworking Company as a guest of TTG I joined the good and the great of the travel industry in a round table debate….and a rather splendid lunch!!

Travel Homeworking is now such a major arm of the UK’s travel agent community that it deserves a seat at the top table of travel and I was happy to oblige on behalf of all the Travel Homeworkers out there.

The discussion at the TTG Leaders in Travel Forum mainly revolved around the performance of the travel market in the first two months of 2015.

TTG Leaders in TravelThe general consensus was that competition was as fierce as ever, but that the relationship between the customer and the seller would remain a significant part of every travel companies thinking.

Of course how this thinking translates is different from business to business. For Holidaysplease Homeworkers it means working towards a scenario whereby a customer books repeatedly as they trust implicitly in the job being done for them. So it’s about a personal one to one relationship.

For the big guys, particularly those looking to transact a significant portion of their business online, the relationship with customers revolves more around technology.

The good news for us at Holidaysplease is that not only do members of the Holidaysplease Travel Homeworking Team build amazing relationships with their clients, but we also provide them with fantastic technology to help manage those relationships through the sales process and then beyond.

So when Travel Homeworking with Holidaysplease you get the best of both Worlds! An ethos that respects and values the power of one to one relationships with our customers….and fantastic technology.

Which is perhaps why we are now seen as one of the best Travel Homeworking Companies in the UK travel industry and can take our rightful seat alongside the Leaders in Travel!

Now, back to the day job as one of my fellow Travel Leaders so aptly put it on Twitter this morning!!

Travel Homeworking : Awards and Accolades

Since Travel Homeworking first hit the scene back in the mid 1990’s, there have been many Travel Company’s that have looked to develop teams of Travel Homeworkers.

Not all have succeeded!

Those that have tried and failed generally underestimate the effort that is required to build a Travel Homeworking Company and support a team of Travel Homeworkers to enable as many of them as possible to be successful.

At Holidaysplease we recruited our first three Travel Homeworkers in the 2nd half of 2003 and two of those pioneering originals remain with us over a decade later.

We now have a Homeworking Team approaching 60 in number, many of whom have been with Holidaysplease for a good few years.

Over the last 10 years Holidaysplease has won many awards and accolades from suppliers and been twice named Online Agent of the Year at the Agent Achievement Awards.

These awards are always appreciated and treasured of course. Nevertheless, from my personal perspective, they were all trumped yesterday with the news that Holidaysplease  has been nominated as Homeworking Agency of the Year in the 2014 Travel Weekly Agent Achievement Awards.

I vividly remember my first nerve-racking conversations and meetings with prospective Holidaysplease Homeworkers back in 2003. They were very brave people to trust their future in such a young business! Thankfully they did, and I have loved building such a fantastic Travel Homeworking team ever since.

Holidaysplease has been up against exceptionally tough competition just to be nominated for the Homeworking Agency of the Year Award, and the other Finalists are all highly successful, amazing Travel Homeworking Companies.

All of us at Holidaysplease are extremely proud to have been named as a finalist. It would be very nice to win though…. Fingers crossed!

Travel Homeworking : The Pros and Cons

Any travel professional giving serious consideration to becoming a Travel Homeworker needs to take time to weigh up the pros and cons of Travel Homeworking.

  • Which Travel Homeworking company will be right for me?
  • What am I looking to achieve as a Travel Homeworker?
  • Is my personality really suited to working from home?
  • Do I have the right environment at home to work successfully?

These last two questions are nicely considered in this blog article on The Pros and Cons of Homeworking. Take a read.

At Holidaysplease we think it is really important for every prospective Travel Homeworker to think carefully about whether Homeworking is right for you.

It is also absolutely vital to make sure that the Travel Homeworking company that you feel is the right one for you promotes the kind of holidays you like to sell.

Do you want to be a Travel Homeworker with a company that provides leads? What kind of support can you expect from each Travel Homeworking company?

These questions are all part of the decision making process that you need to go through to ensure that if you do become a Travel Homeworker you give yourself the very best chance of success by choosing the right Travel Homeworking company to partner with!

Travel Homeworkers Learn from Each Other

A Travel Homeworking job is not necessarily about being an individual.

Yes Travel Homeworkers work on their own from home, but any credible Travel Homeworking company will provide a vibrant support structure for their team and encourage their Homeworkers to share the secrets of their success with their Homeworking peers.

Ask any successful person from any walk of life to talk about their success and very often you will hear people talk about always wanting to get better by learning from others whom they admire.

At Holidaysplease we recognise the power of sharing success so at our recent annual Homeworkers Get Together we organised a session that ended up being one of the best sessions we have ever had at one of our gatherings!

We created a panel made up of four of the most successful Holidaysplease Homeworkers of 2012. The key thing in selecting each member of our panel was that they all go about their work differently and have achieved tremendous levels of sales in totally dissimilar ways.

Next we got our good friend Phil Jones to come along and host the session. Phil quizzed each member of the panel on all aspects of how they go about their work on a daily basis, their goals, challenges and achievements. Phil also provided some invaluable insights of his own along the way.

Phil Jones hosts the Holidaysplease Homeworker Panel

The discussion threw up a whole bucket load of gems for the remainder of the team to consider, take away and implement. At the same time there were some fantastic thoughts shared “from the floor” as well.

All in all it was a really worthwhile hour!

Now for obvious reasons I’m not going to go into any details about the secrets shared by our Homeworkers Panel, but what I can do is give you an idea of the diversity that we encourage on the Holidaysplease Team by telling you a little bit about each one of them….

Nichola : Consistently our top performing sales person. Joined Holidaysplease in June 2009 and has sold £2.4 million worth of holidays in that time and is on target to hit £1 million in sales for 2012. Nichola mainly works on enquiries generated by the Holidaysplease central marketing team.

Susan : Our top newbie in the last 12 months. In her first year Susan achieved sales of £406k of which 20% came from customers she generated herself which is excellent as Susan came to us with a zero client bank!

Philip : A proper old school Travel Agent, Philip joined us in 2007. He has been in the business for 40 years and has built his business by providing people in his own locality with an outstanding and very personal customer service. Over 80% of Philip’s sales come from his own clients and recommendations. He has also focused attention on the lucrative Wedding Market and invested in a smart stand which he puts to good use at Wedding Fayres that he attends regularly.

Paula : Been with Holidaysplease for 26 months and has just gone over the £1m in sales mark. In the last 12 months Paula has exceeded £500k in sales 35% of which are to one hotel that she markets online under the Holidaysplease web umbrella. In an incredibly competitive market place Paula wins by combining an encyclopedic knowledge of the product she promotes with incredible passion and a tremendous work ethic.

So you see, Holidaysplease is a far from one shoe fits all type organisation! Our Travel Homeworking Team is made up of all kinds of travel experts going about their work in some amazingly diverse ways. The common theme for many of them of course is the success that they are achieving as Holidaysplease Homeworkers.

And it delights me immensely that those that are successful on our team are so happy to share and support their fellow Holidaysplease Homeworkers in their quest to achieve what they have set out to achieve as members of our award winning team.