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Travel Homeworking Growth

Whilst we continue to positively map our way through the Covid-19 crisis, the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team are finding more and more time to think about Travel Homeworking growth and the development of their businesses over the next 12-18 months.

The market of course remains challenging, and also remains full of opportunity for the Travel Homeworking community.

For example, the sales achieved by the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team in March 2021 exceeded sales from our previous record from March 2019.

Yep, that’s right, we had a record March for sales in a market where many travel companies sadly reported sales being 80-90% down on March 19.

And it is those results, which by the way are not achieved by accident but by shear grit, determination and belief, that underpin our confidence in the future and why we are planning for Travel Homeworking growth right now.

One of our last blog posts before the pandemic hit was all about how you can grow a Travel Homeworking business with us at Holidaysplease.

Give it a read here :- https://travelhomeworking.org/blog/growing-your-travel-homeworking-business-with-holidaysplease/

The choice we made as a business and as a Travel Homeworking team was not just to survive Covid-19, but to be perfectly placed to thrive once the worst of the crisis was behinds us.

The record-breaking results achieved in March by the Holidaysplease Travel Homeworkers were NOT as a result of a large increase in the numbers of homeworkers in the team. They were achieved by increased productivity per homeworker because that has, and always will be our primary goal. To achieve growth and success for the business as a direct result of the individual growth and success of our homeworkers.

With Holidaysplease quality continually trumps quantity!

To become a part of our quality team just drop en email to gemma.mcleod@holidaysplease.com or if you prefer a chat call us on 0121 200 5720.