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Travel Homeworking Guide

As one of the most established and consistently successful Travel Homeworking companies, at Holidaysplease we were delighted to feature widely in the recent Travel Weekly Homeworking Guide.

The Travel Homeworking Guide gave us the opportunity to highlight some of the key areas that we stand out in the travel homeworking marketplace, and our key USP’s such as free leads, power-packed tech and no obligatory monthly fees. Click on “Why Work With Us” to the right and read more.

Also included in the guide was the story of Keeley and Linda who, in their words, “Started at the strangest of times during the Covid crisis – but now we’re nicknamed the dynamic duo!”

Having been made redundant after a combined 50 years service with TUI, Keeley and Linda acted on the recommendation of an existing Holidaysplease Homeworker to come on board and join our very first Virtual Induction in April 2020.

As they had worked together as a pair for many years, Keeley and Linda wanted to continue to work as a partnership which we were able to facilitate. Their can do attitude and fun personalities soon earned them their “Dynamic Duo” nickname from the Holidaysplease Sales Team Leaders.

“We soon fitted into the Holidaysplease family after being made so welcome” they said in the Travel Weekly Homeworking Guide.

“Holidaysplease made our training fun, and head office communicates every day with news, offers and client incentives.”

“It is a wonderful experience and we should have done it sooner.”

And judging by the success they have achieved already despite these strangest of times, we agree, they should have done it sooner!

We’ve had other travel professionals join us through the crisis who have also enjoyed some great initial success including Kevin who returned to the HP family after a few years working with a Tour Operator and is well on track to achieve £100k in sales in his first three months back with us, and experienced homeworker Debbie who joined after redundancy from the company she had been working with whose commission earnings from sales hit four figures in her first week or so after training!

Of course the market is not normal now, and achieving success is even harder work than it ever was. But as Keeley, Linda, Kevin and Debbie have shown, the opportunity is there for anyone willing to go for it with energy, belief and determination!

Our recruitment team are always happy to help people find out more about Travel Homeworking with us at Holidaysplease.

 gemma.mcleod@holidaysplease.com or give us a call on 0121 200 5750.