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Travel Homeworking : Picking the Best

As the Great British Summer comes to an end, the busy season for the travel industry tends to simmer down. Well, at least this is the case for most travel agencies – not so much for Holidaysplease. Our in-house marketing team make sure we’re always busy, with plenty of free, quality leads and new opportunities to make sales.

Most high-street travel agents have made peace with the fact they’ll have to spend most of their autumn months clearing out old paperwork and watching the clock until closing time, but not Holidaysplease homeworkers. We’re as busy now as we’ve been all year – just another great reason to join our team of travel experts!

Richard Dixon, one of the Holidaysplease founders, who has taken the company from idea to a multi-million-pound, award-winning business, shares some of his secrets to success: “It’s important to select the right people when selling holidays to high-spending customers. Recruit the wrong people and frankly any travel business looking to sell upmarket holidays will fail.”

At Holidaysplease, we only take on board a small percentage of those who apply to join our homeworking team of personal travel experts. People are often surprised by this stat as many Travel Homeworking companies favour employing by numbers rather than finding quality people.

We have always chosen QUALITY vs QUANTITY.

Experience, knowledge and personality are the 3 most important factors our homeworkers must have in order to join us. We recruit sensibly to make sure that our Travel Homeworkers have what it takes to sell successfully to upmarket customers. By doing this, we find that a higher percentage of people that come onboard the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team go on to build the successful Travel Homeworking business to which they aspire.

Although there are times when the number of enquiries being generated surpasses the capacity in our team, we know that in the long term our Homeworking Partnerships will be all the better for it.

If you consider yourself to be an experienced travel agent who is ready to step up your game and make money year round, then get in touch today and you could be part of our exclusive travel-homeworking team!

We are one call away on 0121 200 5720

Travel Homeworking Partnership

The success of most Travel Homeworkers starts when they choose the right Travel Homeworking Partnership.

Make the wrong decision and choose the wrong Travel Homeworking Partnership and even the most experienced, resourceful and determined Travel Homeworker will find building their Travel Homeworking business a tough ask.

There are lots of reasons behind the ongoing success of the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team. The leads we generate for our team, the support we offer, and the types of holidays we sell. They are all key.

However, without doubt, everything starts with the care and attention we take to recruit people as Holidaysplease Homeworkers who we truly believe will prosper in our Travel Homeworking Partnership.

And a big part of that partnership is creating a feeling of togetherness. We do that in all kinds of ways, including buying a luxury apartment in Southern Spain!

Spanish Apartment

Not only is the apartment available for our team to use, customers also get the chance stay in the apartment by redeeming Holidaysplease Reward points that they accumulate as members of our Customer Rewards programme.

So add our Spanish Apartment to the long list of reasons why the Holidaysplease Travel Homeworking Partnership could well be the right one for you.