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Travel Homeworking recruitment

After the busiest couple of months ever for the Holidaysplease Travel Homeworking Recruitment team, you could forgive them taking a deep breath to take stock.

But that is not how we roll at Holidaysplease!

Demand is so high to be on our new homeworkers induction in December that the Travel Homeworking Recruitment team are currently hard at work sourcing a bigger space than we would usually use for our inductions!

The sad demise of Thomas Cook resulted in us training record numbers of new homeworkers in October and our largest November induction ever, the December induction is set to be even bigger.

We have always taken the view that recruiting purely for the sake of increasing team numbers is not the right way to grow the Holidaysplease Homeworking team, and this remains the case.

The only people that we invite onto our team are those that we genuinely feel are likely to achieve the goals they have. At the moment it just seems that there are a high number of the kind of great people that we look for at Holidaysplease wanting to come on board.

And the really fantastic news is that many of those ex-Thomas Cook people and other new team members who have joined us over the last couple of months are settling in and making lots of sales!

We have had a record November and the sales made by our October and November newbies have been a major contributory factor in this achievement.

With the opportunity of January just around the corner there are more exciting times to come for Team HP for sure.

Right now, is probably the best time there has ever been to become a Holidaysplease Homeworker.

You’ll find our Travel Homeworking recruiters ready to chat and answer all your questions on 0121 200 5720.

Travel Homeworking Recruitment

Be 100% assured that at Holidaysplease we take Travel Homeworking recruitment very seriously.

We want the best people on board our team delivering outstanding service to Holidaysplease customers and building fantastic Travel Homeworking businesses for themselves.

Anybody looking for a Travel Homeworking job should be very serious about the process as well. From our experience it is clear that prospective Travel Homeworkers who do not think things through carefully and do their research correctly, often make the wrong choices.

This is obviously a disaster for the Homeworking Company and the Homeworker.

So at Holidaysplease we go to great lengths to ensure that our Travel Homeworking recruitment brings in the right people for how we work.

Which most of the time it does, although not always….

We recently took on a new Homeworker who decided to leave within a few weeks of joining us. The fit wasn’t right, our way was not the Homeworkers way.

On the other hand we have plenty of spectacular successes with our Travel Homeworking recruitment!

Training at the same time as the lady who came and left, was a new team member who has smashed all records in her first 6 weeks with us.

From a standing start with no client base, this person has sold over £150,000’s worth of holidays already and earned over £7,000 in commission in a month and a half! Quite incredible!!

Travel Homeworking recruitment is not an exact science. If there is a magic formula I haven’t found it just yet. There can be extremes of success and non-success as our two experiences of the last few weeks ably demonstrate.

Which is why at Holidaysplease we are honest, straight forward, and open throughout our Travel Homeworking recruitment. By being so it is our firm belief that more often than not we will get it right and new Holidaysplease Homeworkers will go onto build super-successful Homeworking businesses.

And every now and then that success is spectacular and comes very quickly!