The Mindset for Success

At Holidaysplease we are looking for many attributes when considering a prospective Travel Homeworker.

That is because to be successful in Travel Homeworking you need to be more than just a great travel professional!

In my 10 years of recruiting Homeworkers for our team I have spoken to literally thousands of people.

And what I have discovered is that those people who have a certain mindset are most likely to go on to become successful Homeworkers.

I call it “The Mindset for Success.” Now, the Mindset for Success is made up of many things, and one of them was perfectly encapsulated this week in a couple of Tweets from Phil Jones, the Sales & Marketing Director of Brother UK.

On the day that the negative news hounds of our National Press were revelling in the UK economy slipping back into recession, Phil tweeted….

  @PhilJones40: Re; UK being back in recession. If all you ever do is look in your rear view mirror, you’ll get the results you deserve.


@PhilJones40: Apple now selling 25K devices per hour, $39.2bn sales for the last quarter. They’re not looking back.

In other words, whatever has gone before, looking forward is the only option.

And that is exactly what successful Travel Homeworkers do every day. Tough markets, stiff competition, unreliable suppliers, unrealistic customers. They don’t really worry about what the job throws at them….they just push on!

In my mind there is no doubt that the ability to keep looking forward with a positive outlook is a key facet of The Mindset for Success.