Travel Homeworking : Control the Controllable’s

As a Travel Homeworker, it is imperative to believe that every day/week/month presents an opportunity for you to make sales and be successful.

Without this firm belief Travel Homeworking is a mighty challenging job!

Too often people make excuses for poor performance before it has even happened!

The current football World Cup is a perfect example of this negative thinking.

At the beginning of June many in the travel industry were talking the months prospects down. “The public won’t be interested in booking holidays whilst the football is on….”

Really! I wonder what kind of results those doom merchants achieved in June. I bet they matched their low expectations, and I guess those same people will be taking comfort in the fact that their poor performance was as they’d expected.

I wonder whether they would have achieved a different result had their thinking and expectations been different.

Coming off a strong May, at Holidaysplease we were confident that we could deliver a strong June. Obviously we were well aware that the World Cup was looming large, so we planned accordingly.

We took control to ensure that June matched our positive expectations.

Our marketing team put in place a raft of new initiatives to ensure that was busy with visitors and therefore generated the number of new holiday enquiries that would lead to the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team making the number of sales that they had targeted for the month.

And guess what…..enquiry numbers for June ended 38% UP on June 2013 and sales ended 60% UP!

Now that is what happens when you focus attention and effort on what can be achieved rather than making excuses even before you have failed!

Ever since we started way back in 2002, our mindset at Holidaysplease has always been to control the controllable’s. We don’t get distracted by negative predictions and we never look for external excuses when sales fail to hit our expectations (which doesn’t happen very often I’m pleased to say!).

And that attitude is one that the many successful Holidaysplease Travel Homeworkers definitely embrace and put into practice!