Travel Homeworking Covid Recovery

As outlined in our Travel Homeworking Post-Covid blog article at Holidaysplease we have been able to share encouraging signs for a Covid Recovery for the travel industry.

As reported here in Travel Weekly, as we increased our Holidaysplease marketing efforts through April and May, the new bookings followed.

From being 78% down in April compared to April 2019, in July we ended just 6% down against July last year. Now being down even a little would usually be a disaster in our minds rather than cause for a celebration, however right now it is a market busting performance!

Whilst August has seen a bit of a bump in the recovery road mainly due to the consumer uncertainty created by the governments quarantine policies, at Holidaysplease we continue to see good visitor numbers to our website and new holiday enquiry levels are running similar to last August.

So the opportunity is absolutely there once we see a little more certainty return to the market place through the Autumn.

Which makes us feel confident enough to have posted a number of new Head Office positions on our jobs page just last week.

And of course we remain on the look out for experienced travel agents and travel sales experts to join our multi-award winning Travel Homeworking Team.

To find out more just drop an email to or give us a call on 0121 200 5750.

The Travel Homeworking Covid Recovery is on. The future for travel post-covid will be bright, and Holidaysplease is fully focused on being right in the thick of the recovery action!