Travel Homeworking Decision

Don’t worry, it is only natural to um and ah when making a Travel Homeworking decision.

Everyone does, and should. It is important to think things through carefully to be as sure as you can that the travel homeworking decision you make is the right one.

Some people need and take time to decide that joining the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team is the right move for them, others are sure and wanting to move forward quickly.

We always ask prospective Holidaysplease Homeworkers to be sure that coming on board is the right thing for them because we know that having certainty about the travel homeworking decision being made is vital to long term success.

Of the many things we have discovered building our award winning homeworking team over the last 14 years is that Travel Homeworking is not for dreamers, it is for doers! 

You can talk about becoming a Travel Homeworker all you like, but actually it is all about getting stuck in and making it happen.

As the tweet from acclaimed international author Paulo Coelho so eloquently highlights, we can all say we are going to make that decision, the power that leads to success is in the action we actually take.

Around this time last year I was writing about a new team member who had smashed all records in her first six weeks with us.

That person has just completed her first 12 months as a Holidaysplease Homeworker. From no pre-existing client base she has sold over £1.1 million of holidays and earned herself in excess of £56k in sales commission and bonus’.

What an incredible example of someone who dreamed of success and had a determination to achieve it. From day one she committed to getting to where she wanted to be.

If you have a Travel Homeworking decision to make, go at your own pace, be honest with yourself about how much you are willing to commit to build a rewarding homeworking business, and then go for it hard from day one!