Travel Homeworking : Decisions, Decisions….

Making the decision to become a Travel Homeworker is not to be taken lightly.

Any travel agent or travel sales expert that is seriously considering Travel Homeworking for their future career has a big decision to make!

  • Am I really the kind of person that works well without supervision?
  • Does working on an uncapped commission only basis inspire or frighten me?
  • Will the company I am about to partner up with provide leads? And, what type of holidays will I be selling with them?
  • What kind of reputation with customers and within the Travel Trade do the Homeworking Companies I am considering have?

Make the right decision and Travel Homeworking could well prove to be a great move. Get it wrong and, well, let’s be clear, not every Travel Homeworker is successful.

So, let’s get the decision right!

Making big decisions isn’t always easy. It takes thought and honesty. To help you think things through, here is a good friend of ours at Holidaysplease, Jamie Edwards, talking through his proven Decision Making Model :-

At Holidaysplease we have a team full of Travel Experts many of whom made the decision to become Travel Homeworkers on our team many years ago and would certainly say that they made the right decision.

I hope you do as well!