Travel Homeworking First Month

I doubt it’s a big surprise to anyone that for most people their Travel Homeworking First Month can be challenging.

New routines. New systems. New disciplines. A Travel Homeworking first month has all of those and a whole lot more.

So when a new Holidaysplease Homeworker adds a note to her first end of month feedback report which reads like Nickola’s below, it is a great feeling!

“I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone at HP. Thanks for all the support within my first month. Everyone has been so kind and friendly. Thanks to Sue and Jayne for giving me the opportunity to work with the company with their great feedback so I was offered the position. Thanks to Sonia and Richard for offering me the position who have been so friendly and understanding within my induction week. And to the rest of staff thanks for all your support. I am looking forward to a great future working with you all.”

During her Induction with us Nickola displayed incredible and encouraging commitment which left us with a sneaky suspicion that she would meet the challenges of her early days as a Travel Homeworker with a steely determination to succeed.

Don’t ask why, it’s complicated, but every day of her three-day induction Nickola got up at 04.30am in the morning to be with us for a 09.30am start. At the end of the day she travelled home finally arriving back post 10.00pm.

And this same determination and commitment resulted in Nickola posting sales over 30% higher than we would normally expect from a new starter in their Travel Homeworking first month.

I suspect Nickola has many more successful months and years ahead on the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team.