Travel Homeworking : Million Pound Momentum

Building a successful Travel Homeworking business does not happen overnight. It takes consistent effort over a period of time to achieve real success as a Travel Homeworker.

The good news is that once established, most Holidaysplease Homeworkers find that the rewards grow exponentially as their client base increases.

A great example of this is the success of Holidaysplease Homeworker Paula Alger. 

Just a couple of years after joining the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team Paula went over the £1 Million mark in sales.

Now, a year and a half on Paula has surpassed the £2 Million mark!

So, that’s £1 Million achieved in her first 24 months, with her second Million coming in the next 18 months.

The acceleration in sales growth that Paula is enjoying is not an accident. She works hard to encourage repeat purchasing and is relentless in her pursuit of new customers.

The big goal for Paula is to have her next £1 Million in sales written by this time next year!

I’ll keep you posted…..