Travel Homeworking : Picking the Best

November is traditionally the month that signals a slow down for the travel industry. Not so for the Holidaysplease Travel Homeworking Team!

As usual, the marketing team at Holidaysplease Towers are making sure that Holidaysplease Homeworkers are busy with plenty of new opportunities to make sales.

Whilst other travel agents are content to spend November clearing out their office copies and counting each slow hour down to closing time, Travel Homeworkers at Holidaysplease are as busy now as they have been all year!

As it tends to be a quieter period for most of the travel industry, it is conference season. Which means this weekend I’ll be heading off to the Hays Independence Group Conference.

John Hays and his team always put on a good show and I’m looking forward to meeting up with old friends, sharing ideas, and being inspired by the messages of the key speakers at the conference.

Unfortunately for those attending conference, I’m one of those speakers this year!

I’ll be talking about how to build a business in the long-haul market and selling to high spending customers. Having helped to take Holidaysplease from an idea to a multi-million pound award winning business in just 12 years, I’m hoping to have a couple of valuable insights to share with the audience.

One of them will be why it is so important to select the right people when selling holidays to customers often looking to spend many thousands of pounds.

Recruit the wrong people and frankly any travel business looking to sell upmarket holidays will fail.

At Holidaysplease we only take on board 4% of those that apply to join our Homeworking Team. People are often surprised by this stat as many Travel Homeworking companies regard recruiting by numbers to be more important than finding quality people.

We have always taken the opposite view.

By recruiting carefully to ensure that our Travel Homeworkers have the knowledge and personality to sell successfully to higher spending customers, we find that a higher proportion of people that we invite onto the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team go on to build the successful Travel Homeworking business to which they aspire.

When the number of enquiries being generated outstrips the capacity in our team only picking the best can be frustrating, but we know that long term the harvest of our Homeworking Partnerships will be all the better for it.

I hope that is a message that I can convey well to the Hays IG Conference this weekend!