Travel Homeworking : Sharing Growing Success

This morning the final new Holidaysplease Homeworkers Induction of the year kicked off.

For the next three days we will be sharing all the secrets of how to build a super-successful Travel Homeworking business in partnership with Holidaysplease.

Whilst always being careful to pick the very best travel experts to join the Holidaysplease Homeworking Team, the number of Travel Homeworkers we have has increased by 15% over the last 12 months.

What is quite interesting is that in the same period our sales have grown by 35%. In other words the overall growth we are achieving is not just being driven by increasing the number of Homeworkers on the Holidaysplease Team.

Of course, adding new Travel Homeworkers is a contributing factor to our ongoing success, but there is more at play here for sure!

So…. What’s going on?


Well, the technology that Holidaysplease Homeworkers have at their disposal to help drive sales just keeps on getting better! A number of the tools that we have created this year to help our team work smarter and stand out from the crowd are really very clever and extremely powerful!

Next, changes that we have made to our new Homeworkers Induction together with further ongoing training for existing team members has resulted in new homeworkers producing a higher level of sales quicker than had been previously seen, and existing team members regularly performing at a higher level.

And finally we have invested more Head Office resource into supporting the Holidayplease Travel Homeworking team so that they know we are here for them whenever they need us, whatever the time, whatever the day.

Put this all together and you end up with a growing business jam-packed full of productive and happy Travel Homeworkers who are earning 39% more as a team than they did last year!

At Holidaysplease we are looking forward to another cracking year in 2015. We’d love you to come and share our success. All you need to do to take your first step towards an exciting new career is HERE!