Travel Homeworking : Technology to Impress The President!

The current Travel Homeworking recruitment adverts that Holidaysplease is running in the Travel Trade Press focus on having the right tools to get the job done.

In this day and age technology is key.

If as a Travel Homeworker you do not have the technology behind you to work efficiently and effectively then it is like going into a boxing match with one hand tied behind your back!

At Holidaysplease we are lucky to have a fantastic technical team. We build and manage all of our technology in-house which means that we create systems that match exactly our needs. The result is that Holidaysplease Homeworkers have at their disposal tailor-made technology designed specifically to help them sell holidays!

And when I tell you that our tech team are fantastic, I do so with 100% conviction!

In his spare time our Chief Programmer  is a member of the team that has created the Electric Giraffe aka “Rave Raffe”.

Rave Raffe - The Electric Giraffe

The technology behind Rave Raffe is such that this week we have had to give our programmer leave to fly out to Washington and join up with the Electric Giraffe team because they have been invited to the White House to meet The President himself!

If the technology that our programmer is involved in creating is good enough to impress The President, just imagine what he will be designing for you as a Travel Homeworker with Holidaysplease!

To discover more about Rave Raffe visit his website at