Travel Homeworking What is Possible?

Often, the key to building a successful Travel Homeworking business is to ask yourself “What is possible?”

Travel Homeworkers can apply this question to their short term and long term goals. What is possible for me to achieve today, this week or this month? What is possible for me to earn this year?

Once what is possible has been identified and accepted by a Travel Homeworker, the evidence we have at Holidaysplease from the 12 years of building our team is that anything is possible in Travel Homeworking!

Take the story of Laura who has been a Holidaysplease Homeworker for 18 months or so. This time last year at our Holidaysplease Conference Laura set herself the goal to achieve “Silver Status” from sales achieved over the next 12 months.

After a year that has seen the usual success and challenges of Travel Homeworking, Laura knew that she needed a really strong August to achieve her goal.

She would need to have her best month ever. In the middle of School Holidays. And Laura has 4 kids.

With all this in mind, was it still possible for her to hit her “Silver Status” goal? Laura thought it was, and she committed herself 110% to doing exactly that!

10 days into August  and she was 13% of the way  to her sales target. 20 days in and she was just 25% of the way. Work to do! Did Laura give up? No way. Until her goal was impossible, it remained possible!

Momentum built. With the Bank Holiday weekend to go Laura needed £40k in sales. A tall order which required all of her focus, belief and determination….right up until 6pm on the evening of Bank Holiday Monday, the last day of the month, when Laura bagged the sale that secured her “Silver Status” for this year’s Holidaysplease Homeworkers Conference. Wow!

For Laura to hit her goal for the year meant a good deal personally. Her record August meant a huge amount to her family finances!

The £6k she’d earned in one month was more than she used to earn in a year working 16 hours a week on the high street for one of the large Travel Agent chains.  

In Travel Homeworking what is possible? Anything of course……..