20 years of smiles (mostly)

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We are turning the big 2-0 this year, and by way of celebration we are having 20 Days of Giving in which we reward a colleague at HQ, a travel agent partner, a customer and a charity over 5 consecutive months. It was a pleasure to kick start our ‘20 days of giving’ during this […]

2022’s must have? – Travel!

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After a record breaking first quarter of 2022 at Holidaysplease, we have achieved another milestone calendar month with sales in April smashing the previous April record. We think it’s safe to say that 2022 is shaping up to be the most exciting and fruitful time in our 20 year history and we hope that this […]

Money money money… must be funny, in a homeworkers world!

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Are our agents earning money now? It is a question asked with trepidation when we are having conversations with travel people, as an industry we’ve been burnt so the ‘approach with caution’ attitude, nobody can be blamed for. I want to therefore put it out there, the answer to this questions and the figures behind […]

Learnings from 2021

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Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re probably right! Resilience, strength and self worth, were the consistent feelings when we asked our homeworkers what they had learnt from 2021. Many are also proud of the discovery of the diversity of their individual skills and abilities. Trying new things have led to some of […]

We do the hokey cokey and we turn around!

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Wow, we are certainly getting very well rehearsed in dancing on our tiptoes in this industry. The great news is that the recovery from a Holidaysplease perspective over the last 4 months has been absolutely immense and thrilling, and has produced record figures like never before! October saw us our 2nd best booking month ever for Holidaysplease, only […]

TTGtop50 Online Travel Agency of the Year

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At the end of what everyone working in travel will testify to have been the hardest 12 months ever, Holidaysplease has again been named as the TTGtop50 Online Travel Agency of the Year!

Travel Homeworking Pandemic Peaks

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Heading into the traditional January peak booking period, the Holidaysplease Travel Homeworking team were realistic and at the same time optimistic about the prospects for pandemic peaks!

Travel Homeworking pandemic performance

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With record breaking sales in January and February and being named TTG Luxury Homeworking Business of the Year, the Holidaysplease Travel Homeworking Team were on a real roll in early 2020.

Travel Homeworking Post-Covid

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It is fair to say that quite a lot has happened since we were down in London in February picking up the TTG Luxury Homeworking Business of the Year award!