Commission Levels

This is obviously a very important area for you to consider!

Generally homeworking opportunities reward homeworkers with 20-60% of the net commission that is earned on every booking made.

While it is easy to compare the headline commission percentages it is just as important to ask about the average value of holidays booked and the commission deals that the homeworking company has with suppliers.

After all, you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to realise that you have to book four times as many £500 holidays to make the same money as you could on a £2,000 holiday!

At Holidaysplease the basic commission on sales you make from leads generated via our website starts at 25% and rises to a generous 45% depending on the total value of holidays you book per month.

For bookings that you bring from your own clients, commission is 50%.

At Holidaysplease we have a very high average booking value of just over £4,200.

Membership of The Independence Group (operated by Hays Travel, the largest independent travel agent in the UK) means that our supplier commission levels are amongst the best in the industry. This means that as a business we achieve a net margin after discount of around 11%.

So a homeworker on the 25% commission level can expect to earn around £110 on an average booking, whilst a homeworker achieving our top sales target in a month will earn £198 per average booking based on 45% commission.

And sales to your own customers at 50% commission will earn you a whopping £220 on an average Holidaysplease booking!

Quick thought : At £110-£220 per booking, how many sales would you need to make in a month to exceed your current salary? You may find your answer is surprisingly low!

So now the figures are stacking up for you, isn’t it time that you completed our