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Homeworker Thoughts

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“Having now worked with Holidaysplease for over 12 years, I wouldn’t work with anyone else. The support at head office has been invaluable, always making me feel like one of the team and never isolated. “
Ruth D.
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“I used to work for a high end agency that put a lot of targets and pressure on you to perform. I moved to Holidaysplease over 10 years ago and it is literally the best career choice I have ever made. I have all the luxury enquiries I can deal with without the added pressure of targets and performing so I actually perform better and have tripled my wages which is great. So Holidaysplease all the way for me. “
Nichola L.
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“What’s great about Holidaysplease is that as long as you work hard you can work your own schedule treating it like your own business. This is great because if a client would like a call later that evening you can do that. It’s a real sales advantage to say that we are here anytime! It’s a tough market place out there, that’s why you need a solid company that specialises in a strong area of the market and sticks to what they’re good at. Holidaysplease is doing just that.”
Sean M.
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“Homeworking was something which had always interested me but I’d not taken the plunge before coming across Holidaysplease. Compared with the other companies I looked at, Holidaysplease struck me as being a little different… a more personal feel and very supportive of a new homeworker.I was also attracted by both the quality and quantity of the enquiries promised. In the last five years, I’ve not been disappointed! “
Luke S.
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“”Holidaysplease is fantastic to work with because you get support, sales tips, encouragement, exclusive offers and rewards. In addition you are offered fam trips and higher commission rates with some of the leading tour operators. The team are exceptionally friendly. “”
Liz D.

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