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How it Works


Holidaysplease is certainly one of the most hands-on Homeworking companies out there…we get involved and it’s working!!!

At Holidaysplease we are passionate about making sure that our Travel Homeworking team have as much time to sell as possible.

The more time travel salespeople spend working on admin, the less time they spend selling!

We employ a team of administration people who work really hard to ensure that the ”post booking paperwork’ (aka the boring bit) is done for you in an efficient and professional way this includes ticketing, invoicing, documentation distribution and more. Because at Holidaysplease we book high-quality holidays we make sure our administration staff are the best in their field too. 

Our vastly experienced Sales Managers will work very closely with you from the day you start to ensure you are maximizing your potential and reaching your goals.

Just as importantly we are a friendly and fun company that take great pride in doing everything we can to make our homeworkers feel part of the team.

The Directors, Management and Head Office staff are dedicated to your success.

Join our team and we will be with you every step of the way. We don’t just leave you to sit home alone!

Homeworking can be a very rewarding career both from a personal and financial point of view, however you have to be certain that you have the sales experience and self-motivation to make it work.

Even with the best support in the World, in the final analysis, your success will be determined by your attitude and your efforts.

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