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The Holidays We Sell

Ask a successful person, “What is the key to your success?” and often you will hear them talk about passion and enjoyment.

After all, we spend the majority of our time working, so we might as well be doing something that we enjoy and love!

It would be a disaster for you to take a travel sales job with a company that mainly deals in destinations and types of holidays that you don’t enjoy booking.

Holidaysplease is unique as the only Travel Homeworking Company that markets and books almost exclusively luxury long haul holidays for financially well off clients.

Our top-selling destinations are The Indian Ocean, Far East and the Caribbean. We also sell a high volume of holidays to Dubai, The West Coast of America and Hawaii, and Africa.

Whilst the majority of leads that we generate for you will be for our key selling holiday destinations, you will still be able to make reservations for customers who are looking for a holiday in Europe, a City Break or flight only.

Taking into account all of the sales Holidaysplease makes, our average booking value comes in at around £6,500 which works out at around £2,200 per person.

If your passion is selling upmarket holidays to customers wanting to travel to luxury long haul destinations then you will most certainly enjoy Homeworking with Holidaysplease.

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