Is Homeworking Right for You?


  • Being provided with as many enquiries as you like,

  • Researching holidays that you enjoy booking,

  • Working when you want, from where you want,

  • Building up business from your local contacts and customers,

  • Earning a proper reward for the sales you make,

Just imagine all of this, together with the support of a friendly Head Office team that does all your after sales administration for you, instead of firing off new edicts and policies every 5 minutes!!!

What you are imagining is the reality of Travel Homeworking with Holidaysplease!

Most people who become Travel Homeworkers do so because they have reached their potential working on the High Street or in a Call-Centre.

They want to take control of their working lives and build something lasting for themselves.

However, let us be absolutely clear here…..

Homeworking is NOT an easy option, and it is NOT for everyone!

A successful Homeworker in Travel needs to be :

  • Extremely self-motivated and disciplined.

  • Experienced Travel Sales Agent.

  • Mentally prepared to rely on their own skills to earn a living.

  • A confident and resourceful sales person.

  • Committed and able to work consistently hard.

  • An infectious character with a can do attitude.

If you have these qualities and possess the desire to be the master of your own destiny, then our experience tells us that you have all the attributes needed to build a thriving Homeworking Travel business for yourself.

Take your next step now by calling Agne on 0121 200 5720 or e mailing her at or submitting your details to the enquiry form on the right hand side of this page.

The Holidays We Sell….

Ask a successful person, “What is the key to your success?” and often you will hear them talk about passion and enjoyment.

After all, we spend the majority of our time working, so we might as well be doing something that we enjoy and love!

It would be a disaster for you to take a travel sales job with a company that mainly deals in destinations and types of holidays that you don’t enjoy booking.

Holidaysplease is unique as the only Travel Homeworking Company that markets and books almost exclusively luxury long haul holidays for financially well off clients.

Our top selling destinations are The Indian Ocean, Far East and Caribbean. We also sell a high volume of holidays to Dubai, The West Coast of America and Hawaii, and Africa.

Whilst the majority of leads that we generate for you will be for our key selling holiday destinations, you will still be able to make reservations for customers who are looking for a holiday in Europe, a City Break or flight only.

Taking into account all of the sales Holidaysplease makes, our average booking value comes in at around £4,600 which works out at around £1,800 per person.

If your passion is selling upmarket holidays to customers wanting to travel to luxury long haul destinations then you will most certainly enjoy Homeworking with Holidaysplease.

So right now is the best time for you to get in touch in touch with us!!!

Send your CV to our recruiter Agne at or call her for a chat on 0121 200 5720

Generally homeworking opportunities reward homeworkers with 20-60% of the net commission that is earned on every booking made.

While it is easy to compare the headline commission percentages it is just as important to ask about the average value of holidays booked and the commission deals that the homeworking company has with suppliers.

After all, it is imperative to realise that you have to book four times as many £500 holidays to make the same money as you could on a £2,000 holiday!

At Holidaysplease the basic commission on sales you make from leads generated via our website starts at 25% and rises to a generous 45% depending on the total value of holidays you book per month.

For bookings that you bring from your own clients, commission is 50% regardless of the value of the sales for the month.

At Holidaysplease we have a very high average booking value of just over £4,600.

Membership of The Independence Group (operated by Hays Travel, the largest independent travel agent in the UK) means that our supplier commission levels are amongst the best in the industry.

On average you will earn between £110-£250 per booking with Holidaysplease.

Quick thought : At £110-£250 per booking, how many sales would you need to make in a month to exceed your current salary? You may find your answer is surprisingly low!

To apply click the button on the right and fill out our form or alternatevely call Agne on 0121 200 5720 or send your CV to

Holidaysplease is certainly one of the most hands-on Homeworking companies out there...we get involved and it's working!!!

At Holidaysplease we are passionate about making sure that our Travel Homeworking team have as much time to sell as possible.

The more time travel sales people spend working on admin, the less time they spend selling!

We employ a team of administration people whose sole focus is to look after your customers after they have booked with you. Because at Holidaysplease we book high quality holidays we make sure our administration staff are the best in their field too. 

Our vastly experienced Sales Managers will work very closely with you from the day you start to ensure you are maximizing your potential and reaching your goals.

Just as importantly we are a friendly and fun company who take great pride in doing everything we can to make our homeworkers feel part of the team.

The Directors, Management and Head Office staff are dedicated to your success.

Join our team and we will be with you every step of the way. We don’t just leave you to sit home alone!

Homeworking can be a very rewarding career both from a personal and financial point of view, however you have to be certain that you have the sales experience and self motivation to make it work.

Even with the best support in the World, in the final analysis your success will be determined by your attitude and your efforts.

Apply to join Holidaysplease homeworking team now by sending your CV to or calling her on 0121 200 5720

Are earnings guaranteed?

As it is a commission only arrangement there is no guaranteed income as such. However our unique lead guarantee means that you will always have enough leads to give you the opportunity to earn a very good living.

How do I physically book the holidays?

From our system you will be able to access many of our key suppliers online booking engines. Of course you will also be able to contact suppliers by telephone as well and remember we can provide you with a phone cover for all your calls.

Can I choose my own hours?

Yes, although we recommend at least 30 hours a week to make it worth your while, spread out over the week. For example leads can go cold if they are left unattended for couple of days.

When is commission credited to me?

50% of the commission is paid at the end of the month following the sale. The remaining 50% is held by Holidaysplease and is paid to you at the end of the month when the customer travels.

Do I get to go on educationals?

Yes, and because the majority of our business is for fantastic long haul holiday destinations you will have the opportunity to visit some amazing places!

How long does it take to set up?

A maximum of 4 weeks. We work hard to ensure that the set up process is as quick as it can be so that you can be selling holidays with Holidaysplease as soon as possible!

What experience do I need?

We will require you to have been working for at least 2 of the past 5 years in a travel sales job either for a High Street Travel Agent, Travel Call-Centre or Long-Haul Tour Operator. You would ideally have booked at least £5m worth of holidays during your career.

So…What is my next step?

Simple! If you have a proven track record in travel sales and are serious about taking on an exciting new challenge, just complete our short Homeworking Enquiry Form on the right and we will be in touch with you. 

Alternatively please call Agne on 0121 200 5720 or email your CV to

We will be delighted to hear from you.

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See what our homeworkers say:

Nichola L.

I used to work for a high end agency that put a lot of targets and pressure on you to perform. I moved to Holidaysplease over 10 years ago and it is literally the best career choice I have ever made. I have all the luxury enquiries I can deal with without the added pressure of targets and performing so I actually perform better and have tripled my wages which is great. So Holidaysplease all the way for me.

Luke S.

Homeworking was something which had always interested me but I'd not taken the plunge before coming across Holidaysplease.  Compared with the other companies I looked at, Holidaysplease struck me as being a little different... a more personal feel and very supportive of a new homeworker.

I was also attracted by both the quality and quantity of the enquiries promised. In the last five years, I've not been disappointed!

Ruth D.

Having now worked with Holidaysplease for over 12 years, I wouldn't work with anyone else.

The support at head office has been invaluable, always making me feel like one of the team and never isolated.


At Holidaysplease we believe that by giving you more you will grow faster and achieve more so that's what we do. That's what makes our team stand out from the rest.

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