Money money money… must be funny, in a homeworkers world!

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Are our agents earning money now?

It is a question asked with trepidation when we are having conversations with travel people, as an industry we’ve been burnt so the ‘approach with caution’ attitude, nobody can be blamed for.

I want to therefore put it out there, the answer to this questions and the figures behind it.

The answer simply is – yes, more than ever.  In Feburary 2022, our top earner pocketed nearly £11,000- in one month. This is a salary of dreams, and I expect, even way more than your Director earns!

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If we calculated the average Feb payout across our network of 95 agents, the earnings were above what most employed travel sales people earn in a month. We are coming a long way from where we have been and remember the other 50% of what was booked in Feb, is to be paid out when the travel occurs!!

Not bad for the shortest month of the year.

Running your own travel business from home is hard work, it requires dedication, passion and commitment, but it is also so much fun, so rewarding and even the sky isn’t the limit!

elaine and jo

If you think you can make yourself proud, then change your life today with a chat! #ohwhatafeeling

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