You may be the best sales person on the planet but if you have no leads to go on then you are never going to earn much money!

Some homeworking companies expect you to bring your own clients and generate your own leads.

Doing all of your own marketing can be very time consuming….time that we think you could use better selling.

Other companies provide leads, usually on a call rotation basis so you answer the phone when it is your turn. The trouble is you could find yourself sat waiting for the phone to ring for sometime between calls.

At Holidaysplease we have a system that works for everyone...

The ongoing success of our online marketing campaigns means that the Holidaysplease Homeworking Sales Team is kept busy with a steady stream of new enquiries.

And the way we distribute our enquiries is unique to us.

Our homeworkers can access the Holidaysplease intranet system day or night and see all the new enquiries available for them to work on. Customers will have given information such as their name, chosen destination, and dates of travel.

A Homeworker then picks the enquiries that they feel most comfortable taking to destinations that they most like selling.

There is no obligation on which enquiries to take. We take the view that you know what type of holiday you are most likely to book and so we leave the decision to you.

How many times have you sat behind your desk and wished you could read the mind of the customer walking in the door before you decided to serve them?

Well at Holidaysplease you can!

To find out more call Agne on 0121 200 5720, alternatively email to or

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See what our homeworkers say:

Sean M.

What's great about Holidaysplease is that as long as you work hard you can work your own schedule treating it like your own business.  This is great because if a client would like a call later that evening you can do that. It's a real sales advantage to say that we are here anytime! It's a tough market place out there, that's why you need a solid company that specialises in a strong area of the market and sticks to what they're good at. Holidaysplease is doing just that.

Michelle H.

I joined Holidaysplease 10 years ago and instantly felt appreciated and valued. I have built up a strong client base from scratch and get great bookings.

Yes it can be hard work but the rewards are great.

Ruth D.

Having now worked with Holidaysplease for over 12 years, I wouldn't work with anyone else.

The support at head office has been invaluable, always making me feel like one of the team and never isolated.


At Holidaysplease we believe that by giving you more you will grow faster and achieve more so that's what we do. That's what makes our team stand out from the rest.

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