We do the hokey cokey and we turn around!

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Wow, we are certainly getting very well rehearsed in dancing on our tiptoes in this industry.

The great news is that the recovery from a Holidaysplease perspective over the last 4 months has been absolutely immense and thrilling, and has produced record figures like never before!

October saw us our 2nd best booking month ever for Holidaysplease, only bettered by January 2020. We had the highest number of bookings in a month since the start of the pandemic, and a record October for Sales Revenue, with a whopping 39% increase on our previous record from October 19. And the best bit…? This growth has been achieved via increased homeworker productivity, rather than just adding to team numbers. Average sales per HW increased by 51% in Oct 21 compared to Oct 19.

This resulted in average HW commission earnings up by a massive 87% in Oct 21 compared with Oct 19 achieved by more sales and better net margins.

November was pretty impressive too, with conversion rates up by 38%, average sales up by 25% and productivity per homeworker by 18%.

Again we meet a current bump in the road, but it wasn’t a total surprise and we have experienced it all before now so we have geared up for it. Whilst frustrating, we absolutely do see the overall recovery continuing into 2022 which, from the look of our forward business, we are confident is going to be an amazing year. When you take a look at the graph below and see how far we have come from 2020… the only way is up!

monthly stats nov 20vs21

So get on board the HP bus now to make the most of peaks 😉 And lets show 2022 what we are made of!

Weve taken off 1

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