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At holidaysplease we have always vowed to give our agents the best possible tools they could need to run and grow successful business, and this weeks focus has been on social media. We have begun rolling out regional training days to our agents designed to boost confidence and skills in the area.

This week, our Marketing Executive, Megan, joined forces with some of the marketing team from Travel Counsellors to share knowledge and resource, doubling up the expertise accessible to our partner agents.

The day itself consisted of a number of presentations taking the agents on a journey of what sells, from the influencer effect to just being you. And that was one of the biggest takeaways of the day, being reminded that customers are buying not just amazing trips, but they are buying into the agent as a person and therefore being personable is the key to standing out and achieving big things when using social. There was then some time in the afternoon for our agents to pull up their own pages and receive one on one expert advice on areas of their choosing.

Cat Reeves, Brand and Business Growth Executive at Holidaysplease said: “These workshops are an invaluable opportunity to get really personalised advice on how to make the most of this free marketing tool. There is a world of customers at your fingertips through social media and as Holidaysplease has always strived to help their agents to squeeze the most out of all opportunities to grow their businesses offering these courses at this time makes perfect sense.’’

Ally Streeter, Agent at Holidaysplease, commented: ‘’What I loved about the workshop was learning ways in which I can enhance what I already do. I enjoy making videos where I don’t plan them and I am just being me, as people like it that I am relatable.’’

The day was sponsored by the Jamaican Tourist Board and included a delicious Jerk Chicken and Rum cake lunch as well as an informative presentation about the island!

We are still growing our team at Holidaysplease and if you are interested in joining a team where the support goes beyond, then email joinus@holidaysplease.com for a prospectus and a chat!

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